Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pawn Stars are looking for you!

Last night while doing my nightly check of my email, I came across an email that caught my eye with the subject line, Pawn Stars TV Show. Now, normally I wouldn't bother opening that kind of email thinking it was spam, but I was curious.

Upon opening the email, I found out that it was the Pawn Stars casting assistant that had contacted me. Once again, I did my research on this and found out that this person was in fact the casting assistant and the company I got the email from, Leftfield Pictures, was in fact the ones who do the show. Wow! Can't believe I just got this email from someone from the very popular TV show on the History Channel!

What was in the email you may ask? She was contacting me to let you guys know of a grand opportunity and one that doesn't always come up. I am here to tell you that Pawn Stars are looking for your unique historical items, sports items and more that you are looking to sell or pawn..ON THE SHOW! All of the information that you need is provided on the flyer (NOTE: Clicking on the flyer enlarges it for easier reading ) to possibly be on the show!
How cool of an opportunity is this? Not to mention how cool of an opportunity it was to be contacted by someone from the show? If you are lucky enough to make it on the show, please let me know! I would be excited to know that I helped spread the word to one of you and you made it!

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  1. I have seen PSA merchandise and experts on the show. I expect PSA is pushing to get more sports memorabilia on the show.