Friday, January 17, 2014

Winner Of The What's My Number? Contest.

Winner, winner chicken dinner. Well, if there was a chicken dinner I probably wouldn't be handing that out. Nor would I be typing this up as my hands would be covered if food. And mouth full as well. But we finally can close up this contest as one lucky person guessed the right number this morning.
Congrats goes out to.....@CKW23

Who correctly guessed 144/2013. @CKW23, please email us your address to along with your favorite team(s). You will have 7 days from today to claim your prize or it will be regiven away. I will also ship immediately upon getting your address.

Congrats again to our winner and thanks for everyone who entered. As always, stay tuned to Sport Card Collectors for more contests and more sport card fun!


  1. How many are there 2013? Just wondering. Congratulations to the winner.

  2. Congrats to the winner. I didnt guess since that card wouldnt have fit in my collection, so i wanted someone who really wanted the card to win it. Again, congrats and enjoy your card whoever won it!!

  3. Why when I went back to the contest original page numerous times yesterday it was still on yesterday mornings guesses?? Your website never refreshed for me. What's the deal with that? Just found out there was a winner after guessing twice after a winner. Wow..please fix for future contests

    1. First time running this kind of contest. Usually when a contest is run I don't go back and say its closed and just announce a winner. I think from a trial run with this kind of contest that I need to. Thanks for the heads up and I will make sure for the next to say closed. And as for the site not refreshing, I haven't had a problem with it or heard from others. Hard to know why it may have happened.

      Hope to see you back and good luck in the next contest!

  4. Thanks everyone!!!!
    I just sent the email.