Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hobby Break 'Em

I recently Broke another box of 2013 Score football. I find this type of product a fun break. 500 cards in a box. 50 cards per pack. 10 packs per box. Not to mention you can find most jumbo boxes $60 or less.

I find Digging through one of these jumbo packs is like eating an Oreo cookie. You eat the cookies and enjoy them, but what you really want is what's in the middle, the cream filling. Or in card terms, the shiny stuff, the numbered stuff, the jersey, the autograph, the sweetness.

Now onto how I did in this box. Was quite impressed with this break.

Base card heavy!

At least 5 rookie cards per pack. Great way to collect the 2013 rookie class.

Scorecard and Showcase inserts. Showcase #d to 99

Gold parallel, Showcase Hot Rookie of Mathieu, Gold parallel and Lattimore Purple/99

About 1 Hot Rookie per pack

Red parallel numbered to 49 of Eric Reid

Derrick Johnson Red parallel #d to 30

Nice pull here!

And BOOM! The best pull of the box. Andy Dalton End Zone Parallel #d to 5. 
Overall, very impressed and well worth the money in this particular break.  Many numbered inserts, tons of rookies, 4 hits, and great action shot base cards.  This was a great buy.

As always, comments are welcomed.

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  1. Verry nice Eric Reid. I supercollect him. Just finished the Score Auto Rainbow not too long ago.