Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sport Card Collectors Poll # 1 (with giveaway note)

With Sport Card Collectors celebrating it's two year blogversary next week and with the new changes in effect since January, I was curious to see which new features are your favorites. This may also help me gauge which ones to keep and which ones I need to replace with a new feature.

The one thing that separates Sport Card Collectors from any other sport card blog is the interaction I give you guys on here. This is a place I want you to visit and be apart of. I want it to pop up in your search bar. So I have been trying different features to see what your interests are. Until I have this downright perfect, I will continue to tweak things here and there.

When looking at my stats, I can see some posts are not quite as popular as others. Some by a wide margin. That's why I have stuck up a poll on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE BLOG for you guys to vote on your favorites. You can vote for more than one answer. The poll ends in about 19 days in which we will give the results from the poll and possibly make some changes based upon the results. PLEASE TAKE THE TWO SECONDS TO VOTE to help me with what you guys like to see and thank you in advance!

UPDATE: On a giveaway note,our giveaway will start tomorrow! Another note, one of the steps of entering it may be involving voting on this poll. So if you want to, you have the option to vote ahead.  There will be other steps to enter but this will most likely be one of them. I really am looking for your feedback to help improve the blog anyway possible. So please vote and maybe even leave a comment and tell me your thoughts like some already have. Thanks!


  1. I like product reviews and the results of your blaster breaks and JamminJD sample breaks. Not a fan of the forced 'Card of the Day" When someone shares a cool card or you get one post it...whatever day of the week it is. I check in everyday but dont want to comment constantly as that would be creepy

  2. I like the blaster and box break reviews. Gives me something to look at before I actually go out and buy the product.

  3. I voted. I like the Featured Cards, Caption This, Hobby Topic, Other Stories. I am NOT into the breaks and the other stuff that most seem to be into. As usual, i am the oddball oldtime-type collector.

  4. #1 yes
    #2 2013 Triple Threads Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks football #31/36
    #3 Heat
    #4 Lebron James
    #5 201
    #6 No