Friday, February 28, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

With the MLB season soon upon us, I sat down and looked through my rookie folders and asked myself, who am I missing? Then one stuck out....I didn't have the one of the leagues young stars..Mike Trout. 

I then began to eBay research for some true rookie cards. I really wanted the Topps Update rookie, but wasn't willing to shell out the big bucks being asked for it. So instead I looked in Beckett and found he had a Bowman Draft rookie. Most were going reasonably priced. This one, for a little over $9. Great investment I would say. 

As always, comments are welcomed!


  1. One of my favorite rookie cards of his. I was lucky to scoop up a couple versions of the Topps Update before his cards went really crazy. I have the diamond anniversary edition of his update and that's one of my favorite cards of his.

    1. Those are nice. Something you Definetely need to hold onto. He is a special player. I just wanted one of his and took this as fast as I could