Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What's In The Mailbox?

In the newest edition of What's In The Mailbox?, we discover a pretty cool personality autograph of a former player and head coach in the National Hockey League who is now a longtime commentator and hockey analyst for ESPN and who contributes to NHL Network as well. When I saw this Barry Melrose autograph, I just couldn't let it go to someone else. Other than having watched him on television, I liked the design of the Allen and Ginter mini framed autographs and I like to also collect outside the box sometimes and not just go for current players.

I found this particular piece to my PC on the Pack Gambler website. There are many unique pieces to find on there as you have seen in my past mail days. 

Being the great person The Pack Gambler is and knowing how big of a Giants fan I am, he threw these bonuses in for free as well:

I was extremely thankful for the bonuses. I especially like the Matt Bahr autograph.

If you happen to be shopping and are looking for something for your collection, just as cool this Barry Melrose autograph, I recommend you check out the Pack Gamblers site that you can find HERE.

As always, thoughts and comments are welcomed on this mail day.

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