Sunday, March 9, 2014

Latest Break Results From Jammin JDcards

Another break down for my friends at Jammin JDcards. This time I was in one of their awesome breaks. Even though I didn't hit it big, I have been known to have poor success rates in breaks, there are some that did and as always Jammin JDcards provided some nice hits.

Now onto them!

Crown Royale 2013 brought the following including a sweet EJ Manuel Rookie Silhouette.

Johnathan Banks 173/199
C.J. Spiller 107/199
Andy Dalton 41/99
Aaron Rodgers 46/99
Arthur Brown 01/10
Colin Kaepernick 125/299
Quinton Patton 067/299
Russell Wilson 278/299
Brandon Browner 096/299
Dustin Hopkins 28/49
Matt Barkley 20/49
Ryan Spadola 4/5
EJ Manuel 276/299

 Topps Supreme 2013 took things over the Moon, well, at least there was a Moon involved:

Desean Jackson 71/75
CJ Spiller 31/50
Stedman Bailey 12/50
Aaron Dobson 12/25
Warren Moon 15/31
And finally the beautiful Panini Gold Standard  2013-2014 provided these:
Mark Landsberger 072/299
Clyde Drexler 34/49
Tyson Chandler 10/25  

If you like what you see here and haven't yet given Jammin JDcards breaks a try, please do. Good prices, great shipping time, top notch customer service and big hits waiting to happen. NOW THEY EVEN BREAK TWICE A WEEK! You can find out what breaks are next right HERE. Good luck if you give them a try and let me know what you hit!


  1. Are any of these for trade or for sale? I'm really interested in the Rodgers!

    -Nathan @aswingandahit