Friday, March 28, 2014

Poll Friday: Which Companies Do You Buy Cards Of? RESULTS!

Another poll has come to a close and now it's time to give you the results! For the second straight week, voters were down. This week only 9 of you voted making this not a very well rounded poll but I at least have some answers from you.

Seems like you guys are split down the middle on Panini and Upper Deck and most of you lean towards Topps. Leaf, unlike a poll I did in the past about them, showed up a little more this time. I wonder if they are making more of an hobby impact on everyone. Let me know your thoughts on this weeks poll.

I am going to give Poll Friday a little time off. With downed voters it seems what I thought would be fun, isn't going to work with the lack of voters. However, it may return if a return in a week or two. I have some other things lined up to take its place. Such as a NEW segment on Vintage cards. Another NEW segment on Collecting The 90's where I will be posting some pack and maybe even box breaks from the 90's my favorite era of collecting. I also have some more posts done on the Collecting Basics series.

So for now enjoy the results from last weeks poll and hopefully look for more Poll Fridays down the road.

Which Companies Do You Buy Cards Of?
Panini America
  6 (66%)
Upper Deck
  6 (66%)
  9 (100%)
Press Pass
  1 (11%)
  3 (33%)
  1 (11%)

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