Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review: Panini Crown Royale Football 2013

Always a crowning achievement with its red hot, must have rookie silhouettes, Crown Royale sticks with it's roots again for 2013. Always a fan favorite and one of mine, this box was fun to open and I would say I did pretty well with this break.

Before I start my review, I would like to say thanks to the WONDERFUL people at Panini America for providing us with this box to review. Here are many places you can find Panini America: official site, blog, Twitter, and Facebook. If you don't follow them at all..you should! They interact with you on Twitter, have contests on their blog and Facebook and the site is also fun to visit!

Now onto the review:

  • 4 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack
  • 4 hits 
  • 4 Crown Cut Rookie cards per box
PRICE: You can find most boxes around $95


Andrew Luck Silver Parallel #d 133/199
Chris Thompson Gold Parallel #d 68/99
Stevan Ridley Purple Parallel #d 3/5
Tom Brady Test Of Time Die-Cut insert

Memorabilia (non-autographed):
LeVEON Bell Rookie Royalty Jersey Card #d 25/99
Gavin Escobar Heirs Throne #d 114/299

Autographs/Autograph Memorabilia
D.J. Swearinger Crown Royale Rookie Auto #d 46/125
LeVEON Bell Rookie Prime Silhouette #d 185/299

I would say get your eyes checked or fix your glasses if you don't find Crown Royale a beautiful product. From the all crown die-cut base cards to the mouth watering rookie silhouettes there isn't anything here not to like.

I have always been a fan of the base cards. I like the crown with the foil on it. They look great and something I would put a set together of. Something that looks even more outstanding on that design, is the silver parallel. That one really stood out to me. The rainbow foil color completely brings out the design and makes me reminice to the late 90s when I was first introduced to the product.

To me, when it comes to design, it is all about the autographed silhouette cards. These are the premier rookie cards to own on the market. Most come with a nice swatch of patch, sometimes multiple colors, and an on-card auto. You mix that with the terrific layout job and you have a winner. There are also parallels of these as well just like the base cards of Gold (numbered to 25), Green (numbered to 10), Purple (numbered to 5) Blue (numbered to 1).


New to this years product is on-card Crown Die Cuts & Panini's Choice from the 2013 40 RPS Rookies along with on-card Silhouettes, on-card Crown Die Cuts and On-card Panini's Choice of autographs of current stars. My favorite is the silhouettes in this product and with the extremely rare Legendary Silhouettes that features a jumbo swatch of legendary material and an autograph my day is made with two different ones to chase.

As for this break, this was a great one. Low numbered Ridley parallel hit to 5 and LeVEON Bell Rookie Silhouette. There was no complaint coming from me on this one as I felt there was great value in this break.

Overall, I am a huge fan. With three parallels, 4 hits, tremendous design all around and a chance at one of the most popular rookie cards on the market, I know I want more. The one thing to keep in mind is that not every box comes with a Rookie Silhouette as I have seen and even found for myself in past years. I believe I heard they fall four to a case. Without hitting one of those in your box it could be rough to get back the value you might pay for the box. I still say it's worth the risk, but just keep that part in mind if you don't happen to hit a silhouette. Like with all products, some risk is involved.

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