Saturday, March 29, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

Recently I was able to get my hands onto one of the Upper Deck 25th Anniversary sets, I mean what collector wouldn't want to, so I wanted to show it off to you guys just in case you haven't seen them and may want to try to get a set for your own collection.

This is a small set but packs a punch with athletes who have made a big impact on Upper Deck over the 25 years (except I couldn't figure out why Michael Jordan wasn't in it) and will continue to make an impact for them for the next 25.

Now onto the set.  I will start off the gallery first with THE GREAT ONE:

Every back of the card has this written up on them thanking fans for their support:

Upper Deck then put in Super Stars, Peyton Manning, Ken Griffey Jr, Tiger Woods and LeBron James to complete the set
Looks like Peyton just did an audible, well, are we surprised, another TD pass
The Kid looks like one here
Tiger has always made a huge impact on Upper Deck Golf Cards
How many more titles will this guy win?
One of my favorite things about the set is the throwback design paying tribute to Upper Deck's beginning set way back in 1989. It also has a modern day look to it.

I think this set was a  great way to celebrate 25 years of so many things that Upper Deck has brought to the hobby. I hope to see them expand upon this set and maybe do a product with a huge insert set of these to chase.

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