Saturday, April 5, 2014

That 90's Sport Card Blog Origin

If you hadn't noticed recently, Sport Card Collectors has added to the blogging family with the addition of my brother blog, That 90's Sports Card Blog.

With a few purchases recently, I was starting to realize I was getting very frustrated with my box results. Since I don't technically PC anything and just like to open product (boxes and packs) and collect it, 3 scrub autos from an $80 box and some same ole same ole designed cards just doesn't cut it anymore. I was getting beyond frustrated and even prospected the idea of quitting collecting as the fun aspect of collecting felt like it was drifting away. The thought of value with any purchase that had made (though I do not sell anything, it's nice to know you are getting your money's worth) and not the fun I was supposed to be having began to consume me and my collecting. I had to take a step back. I said to myself, "No! No I won't fall into this trap. This hobby has lost enough collectors and I won't go there or think these things. This hobby is meant to be for fun. Not about money. Not about value. Its about fun you have collecting cards." This has been my collecting motto for the past 21 years. So I began to think of ways to free me from my "funk". That's when I began looking through my collection and started to realize I was having fun instantly again. Then realized what I was looking at, 1990's cards. Where it all began for me.

I always knew that era of collecting was my favorite not only because that's where I started, but that was a high point in the hobby when tons of positive vibes were around and the hobby was at its strongest. Product and variety were abound, card shows and shops were fun hangouts, cards could be purchased everywhere from gas stations to grocery stores and the hobby was fun when set collectors, insert thrill seekers and just plain card enthusiasts were just having fun trading, watching each other bust packs, and just discussing the hobby. Not to mention, it's when hobby creativity and innovation was at an all-time high. It wasn't about the value. It wasn't about big hits. It wasn't about autographs, patch cards, memorabilia cards and more. It was simply about collecting cards and having fun.

So I began to rethink my collecting. How can I balance out my collecting and make it fun again? Then it hit me! I needed to try something. I needed to bust something from the 1990's and see what it would be like. Would that same "fun" aspect be there after all of these years? I wouldn't know until I tried.So I scoured eBay looking for great deals and found one on some pack lots (10 packs in each lot) for Football, Baseball and Basketball. They were supposed to be from the years of 90's-early 2000's. Exactly what I was looking for. The problem I had was deciding which sport. Instead of scratching my head, I tried all three.

The packs arrived about 5 days later and I opened the tightly wrapped USPS box and was blown away. Not only from the variety of packs and years, but from the nostalgia they brought. I knew right then, this is what I wanted and I also knew that to make it even more fun I should add a blogging aspect to it as well to showcase the fun. That's how That 90's Sport Card Blog became a reality.

You may ask where I stand with collecting right now, well, I have decided I know exactly how to balance it out so the fun is there while I can stay up-to-date with modern times as well. I will still break newer products while also breaking older ones or buying singles. I will also be blogging on both blogs and visiting cards from my past and present. This is why I  hope all of you have checked out That 90's Sport Card Blog (trying to add new posts everyday) and will treat it like part of the family. There are not many posts yet, but TONS more to come! You will see fun things like:
  • That 90's Card: Featuring a card of different players, years of the 90's, brands, inserts, base, etc. It will be fun to see cards you may or may not have heard of
  • 90's Rip Party: Breaking different products whether it's packs or boxes from the 90's
  • My 90's Opinion : Breaking down my thoughts on a product or design
  • There may be other topics as well. But these are the base ones
Let me know your thoughts about my new blogging adventure and what you would like to see.

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  1. Love 90's cardboard. Looking forward to reading your posts.