Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's In The Mailbox?

Well, technically this was in yesterday's mailbox. This is my prize from ESPN Mint Condition (if you don't know who they are they're a web series that does episodes on everything the hobby and do product reviews and giveaways on their Facebook and Twitter) that I won from a Twitter Contest they held after reaching a certain number of followers.

There were three prizes up for grabs with three winners. None of the winners knew what they would get except that it was a decent prize. Some massively nice! The prizes were a Fleer Retro Michael Jordan autograph, a 2012 Panini Black RG3 Patch/Auto rookie and an assorted lot of 20 autographed/memorabilia cards. 

After spending two months of helping lead the charge in getting ESPN Mint Condition the followers they needed, which my followers can vow for, I thought that my chances were pretty good at landing the top prize in my eyes, the Jordan autograph. Or at least the second place prize in the RG3 auto/patch. But as always, you throw that word random in and in the end I got the third place prize which was as follows:

I was a little disappointed to say the least. I know I probably stopped you in your tracks when I stated that knowing exactly what you are thinking, "boy this ones complaining about winning a FREE giveaway. What a jerk!" First off I just wanna say, I am not complaining. I am disappointed. There is a difference. Secondly, if you saw the amount of time I spent helping get them followers, I know some of you did, you would understand my disappointment and understand why I a little upset. However, a lesson was learned from this contest and any I enter going forward. The extra effort and "brownie points" do not always guarantee you a top spot or even second best. So it's best just to enter it like everyone else.

Overall, this wasn't a bad mailday. Just wasn't what I had hoped and expected for. In the end, my losing may be your winning! As my disappointment may benefit you guys, my fans, as I see a future giveaway with some of the cards above for you guys. As always, I like to pay-it-forward. 

Thanks again to ESPN Mint Condition for the cards and good luck to the other two winners in that contest as you sure have some sweetness coming your way.

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