Friday, May 30, 2014

90's Rip Party: 1990 Bowman Baseball 1 Pack Break

How can I discuss the 90's and not break anything from 1990..well that time is now. I decided on a pack of 1990 Donruss baseball to rip. Inside of every pack of Donruss baseball 1990 was 14 cards and one delicious piece of bubble gum. Boy, I bet that gum still tastes as awful now as it did back then. Seeing that gum does one of two things, one worry about what it may have done to the cards (I would worry even more 20 years down the road) and two kind of tempt you to try it. Which I didn't by the way.

Let's see how this break went for me:

Not much to show in this break. You could tell that most of these player shots were posed for the camera as most of the guys were trying their best to smile. These are fun because of the way they are trying to pose and make great cards for my Caption This segment on Sport Card Collectors.

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