Wednesday, May 28, 2014

90's Rip Party: 1995 Fleer Ultra Baseball Series 2, 1 Pack Break

Always a home run in my eyes, Fleer Ultra was my brand of choice in today's 90's Rip Party break. I also decided to try and hit a for a cycle with baseball and hopefully not strikeout.

Fleer Ultra Series 2 baseball had 12 cards per pack. One of those cards was guaranteed to be a Gold Medallion parallel while the other would be one of their five inserts. Once again in terms of design, Fleer Ultra swung for the fences. The fact that they used borderless photography with just a small name at the bottom is outstanding. The pictures are well done too so that helps.

Now onto this break:

There is nothing more exciting than pulling a star in a 90's insert. This All-Star insert fell 1:4 Series 2 packs. You could also get a Gold Medallion parallel of the All-Star insert that fell at 1:40.
I feel good about this break. 2 inserts, nice looking photography and many memories. This kind of break was what 90's collecting was all about!

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