Friday, July 18, 2014

Fan PC: @UpperDeckGOAT's Upper Deck Collection

Well, I was glad to finally see my first submission for Fan PC and it's from my friends over at @UpperDeckGOAT on Twitter. He found this idea to be fun and something that we all should participate in. Who doesn't want to show off their goods or as I call it, their bragging rights. Enough with me rambling. Let's show these off!

Here is what @UpperDeckGOAT had to say about his PC:
"These last several months have been a blast & I've met some amazingly kind people through the @UpperDeckGOAT account. #UDNation has given me many lasting memories & I hope many more to come. I couldn't keep going without the genuine people in this hobby. You make it all worthwhile & I can't thank you enough! Now, let's get down to business at hand. The Kind Sir at @SportCardCollectors has asked for our favorite cards in our PC. Without further are my favorites. Only @UpperDeckSports for my taste. Here ya go..."

I don't know about you guys, but there are some pretty sick cards in there. My favorites are the Kaep autos, RG3 auto and of course the PMG's. Great stuff by Upper Deck.

Let's hear your thoughts on @UpperDeckGOAT's collection and remember you can be featured on here as well! Just follow the link I provided above and the info is there. Thanks again to @UpperDeckGOAT for sharing this and if you are not following him on Twitter please do. Especially if you are a big Upper Deck fan.

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