Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My 2014 Card Season In Jeter Thus Far

If you haven't heard yet (if you haven't you must have been hiding under a rock), this is Derek Jeter's last season in MLB. I have watched The Captain his entire career making incredible plays on the field and key hits at the plate. Despite my following, the "Cardboard Gods" must not believe in my collecting of him as he makes very rare appearances in my packs. Trying to land him is almost as tough as pulling a 1/1.

So for your short viewing pleasure, I wanted to show off the Jeter's I have gotten so far this year. I must also note before you view, I haven't bought any of these as singles and that these are all pack pulled.

Overall, just a whopping four cards in 2014. But, there is still a lot of baseball and card season to go! I will update you as it goes along and hopefully I will find more. If not, I will definitely dig into the PC for some to show off instead!

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