Monday, July 28, 2014

Nice Twitter Contest Mail Day

This shout out is a bit delayed because I already had posts in place for Saturday and Sunday, but there was no way I wasn't going to give a shout out for this great mail day.

Last week, I won a Twitter contest from @RJDUB81 and the prize arrived not much longer after the win.

Now onto the goods!

First off, I had a choice for the main prize which I chose a UFC auto. The key about this particular auto is that its a rookie one which fits perfectly into my rookie card PC.

Secondly, he asked for my PC teams/players and here is what he sent from the NY Giants. Not only are these cards Giants, but they are from my favorite era of collecting, the 90's. There were some sweet additions  in the first part of the Giants part of the prize with LT Playoff insert from 1993, an Ike Hillard 1996 rookie insert, a Tiki Barber rookie card and one from one of my favorite all-time QB's in Kerry Collins. This was just the start.

Next in the prize pack was a rookie card of one of my favorite Giants:

Up next, I saw this card of Hanspard/Barber and immediately fell in love! Really nice layout and it was shiny. My eyes are always drawn to shiny things!

The final two were my favorites of the package, not that they all weren't great, but these two cards were stunning. The first one is this beauty. Great photograph of Rodney Hampton with hologram...DROOOOL! I have also never owned one of these so being my first and a Giant..WOO HOO!

Finally, a 1996 Pacific Collection Litho-Cel of Amani Toomer with both the card and Litho-Cel card. I have never seen one put together up close and now I own one?!?!? Superb! Doesn't get any better than that.

Here is what the Litho-Cell card looks like separate from each other:
A huge thanks goes out to @RJDUB8 again for this mail day. If you have Twitter, I strongly recommend you go give him a follow for hobby talk, giveaways and more!

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