Friday, July 25, 2014

That 90's Mail Day: Jammin JDcards 1997 Spx Set Numbers

Well, as you know from many posts on here about the product, I am a huge Spx fan. Especially between the years of 1996-1998 when they combined color, micro-etching and a huge hologram. But, recently when buying a box of the product, you can see that break on this blog, I didn't get a complete set of base cards. Knowing that I now had 1996 football complete, I had to have 1997 as well. So I went on a hunt to find my missing ones and my first thought was to hit up Jammin JDcards, who themselves just broke a box.

Luckily Jammin JDcards had some that I needed they were selling on their SITE. Here are six more to my set including a key Brett Favre:

Now I am only missing about 10 that I will need to hunt down elsewhere but I will not stop til I am finished and when I find them, I will show them off on here.

As always, comments are encouraged on this mail day.

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