Saturday, August 2, 2014

90's Rip Party: 1995 Score Summitt Football Box

When I wanted to go back in time to do a really fun rip, 1995 stuck out in my mind. Well, it was the year that I REALLY started collecting. It was also the year that a lot of fun products were coming out and when I was thinking about it, one product that I had always wanted to bust a full box of but couldn't before was 1995 Score Summitt Football.

There was a lot of great looking cards in this product starting out from the base cards to the parallels and all the way to the inserts. So I went eBay shopping for one and found an incredible deal on it and snatched it up.

In a box of 1995 Score Summitt football you get 24 packs per box and 7 cards per pack.

Here are the base cards. They are thicker than usual base cards with an elegant design. I especially dig the how the name is displayed and the team helmet done is a bronze foil.

The two subsets:

Rookie cards. This was the class with great rookies such as Kerry Collins, Steve McNair and others.


Now onto the goods, THE INSERTS!

The Ground Zero parallels (the glittery cards) fell at an average of 1:6 packs and the Backfield Stars insert below fell at 1:36 packs so that was a great hit here.

The Rookie Summit pulls I thought were some of the coolest ever and fell at 1:12 packs. The angles the photos were taken and the silver foil in the background made these stand out.

Overall, I was pretty happy with this break. It not only provided a ton of great looking cards, but a lot of memories along the way. I would definitely go back and break another.

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