Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Facebook Fan Mail Day: NY Giants, DJ And More!

A big shout out and thanks is needed for Sport Card Collectors Facebook follower Grady Malachowski. He blew me away with yet another awesome mail day today after contacting me on my Facebook page informing me he had some more stuff for me. That he did. Great stuff at that and all of it is going to my PC.

Check out what he sent!

First I found some sweet cards from the National! I really am digging that new Panini logo!

Then an unopened pack of Panini Class of 2011 Hall Of Famer cards

Followed by a ton of rookies for my Giants PC:

My second Odell Beckham rookie! Now if only he can get onto the field!

Some mini's!

This is an awesome card!

Another Randle I didn't have. Now up to 37 different ones.

Even threw some baseball in. Tino sweet die cut!

Derek, you will be missed! Two inserts I didn't have in that PC.

At the bottom of the box he mailed, were three hits

Thanks again Grady for this awesome mail day! I really appreciated it and I won't forget to return the favor someday. We need more people like you in the hobby.

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