Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baseball Card Yard Sale Find Part 3: 2002 Bowman (GREAT ROOKIES)

Well, here is another post to what will be  many posts of me breaking down what I got at the Yard Sale that I posted about recently. Today's post is one of my favorite finds from the whole yard sale as it brought the most value.

The 500ct box that these cards came from was marked 2002 Bowman on the side of it. With the hobby part of my brain so crowded with so much information, I sometimes draw a blank on what rookies (I am talking true ones) come from which year. So, I did some investigating and found out that some really great cards could be hiding in this box. Keep reading to see if I found em!

To start off the box were six gold parallels. I know they fell one-per-pack, but they are still an insert find and an unexpected one at that.

Start of the rookie cards....

Then some bigger names such as Jose Bautista.....these are great, but were there any bigger ones to come? Or were they pulled? I was starting to feel as if these were the best this box was going to offer.

Then the box turned in the WRIGHT direction when this popped up!

And as with all things, you gotta save the best for last. I was shocked to find that Mauer was still sitting in there at the back of the box. My first rookie of his.
This box brought the excitement out! There was tremendous value in this box! Especially since most of these boxes ran me $.25-$.50 per depending on the size. This was a smaller one so only $.25. The Mauer alone is worth 100 times what I paid.

Up to this point I am very pleased with my finds! Tons more to come!

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