Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Packs To The People....Have You Seen It?

On Twitter, I came across something that caught my eye recently...... it was called Packs To The People. What in that title wouldn't catch your attention? It's a fun web series about a guy named Andrew who does as the title states, takes packs to the people. The packs that he delivers may not always be in the most obvious places or to the most obvious people who are collectors. Most are not which is what makes it fun. Here was his latest video where he brought packs into a McDonalds (watch the first guys reaction):

I think this is really fun concept and I always enjoy watching the peoples reactions in these videos. I have now seen most of them and I recommend you check them out as well. You can search for Packs To The People on YouTube for more of their fun episodes. There are a ton!!!

Now onto a couple more fun episodes. My buddy Tim Yount, who I have mentioned on a quite a few times on here, made a couple of Packs To The People videos himself. It would be great if you guys checked those out for me. Both have their own fun parts to them.

In this video, he took packs to a Pee Wee football team. Watch the reactions of these kids. Some are hilarious. You just gotta love innocence.  One gets a nice pull as well and thought it was another player.....

Packs to the Pee Wees

In this one that Tim did, he caught up with a couple of old timers who hadn't opened packs in years. One of them gets a 1/1 pull and see how they react and their thoughts on today's cards!! Check this out:
My Inaugural Packs to the People Video

I would love to hear your guys feedback on videos like this and the Packs To The People concept.

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