Friday, August 29, 2014

Rueben Randle PC Card Of The Week: 2012 Crown Royale

This weeks Rueben Randle Card Of The Week is one of my favorite cards of his, a 2012 Crown Royale Rookie Auto Patch Silhouette.

After months and months of attempting to buy this card, I finally not only found one for a great price of $7, but I actually won it for once! I must have missed at least 6 of them either forgetting to bid or the bid going too high for my taste.

Why put such an effort into one card, well, this is one of my favorite designed Panini cards and one I really wanted for my Randle collection. The layout of it is spectacular, the swatches, most of them prime (that was the only negative part about the one I landed because its one color), are a good size and then you add in an autograph and you have a masterpiece. At least in my mind.

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