Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FLEER RETRO...The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread? PLUS A Break Of Fleer Retro Hockey 12-13 AND Fleer Retro Football 2013

For those of us who collected in the 90's, Fleer trading cards was a household name for us. For those who started collecting in the last ten years, maybe not so much. Either way, all of us collectors have got to appreciate what Upper Deck did with their Fleer ownership in bringing back some of the great Fleer products. This type of product is for all collectors. For some of us it can be a nostalgic reminder or for those who didn't get a taste of Fleer back in that era, it's a whole new FUN collecting experience.

I recently was able to get my first taste of both the football and hockey Retro products. Upper Deck included some of the best Fleer products in these including Ultra, Ex2000, Fleer Metal, and Fleer Showcase while not drifting too far away from the original design of them. They also brought back original insert names and autographs from those product. 

Speaking of the inserts, Upper Deck also took the 90's madness and inserted some at incredible rates making them more rare than some of the hits. This is something else that drives me to the product. I like the chase element.

To this blogger, opening up a box of Fleer Retro is like taking a step back in time. A much simpler and fun time where collecting wasn't about the hits. It was about the cards. That's what I think this product is about. Honestly, I passed by the hits to go straight for the base cards and inserts which most collectors now-a-days brush off.

Let me kick it off with my hockey break so you can see what I am talking about. For those of you who know Fleer, get ready to feel like you are in a Time Machine going back into time about 15 years. For those who haven't seen these, you will most likely need to wipe your mouth when you are done viewing this. Let's get this on!

The base cards in the hockey are not an original Fleer brand. It's an Upper Deck one and you can tell. Look at the photography, that has always been their key.

Fleer Ultra's design from 93-94 Hockey. SPOT ON!

Same goes for the Fleer Ultra design from 94-95

Who wasn't a fan of these Fleer Metal cards? Especially the rainbow effect Precious Metal Gem parallels (I had no luck in pulling one)

One of my favorite late 90's releases, Flair Showcase has it's 97-98 design. The card stock isn't the same, but the design is. Kudos to Upper Deck on these. I was also fortunate to pull two Legacy Collection parallels in this box as well.

I say this a lot, but this truly is my ALL TIME FAVORITE base card design. The card is printed on acetate with a 3D player appeal and a rainbow foil hiding behind them. This design is from Ex2001.

Some 90's insert design here. Just awesome!

My pulls from the box that stick with their original designs. Nothing big, but still cool.

Now onto the football break. Very similar in terms of inclusions except the football has a different form of base card.

Base cards for Fleer Retro football include the Fleer Ultra design from 1991. Which by the way is again, SPOT ON.

Flair Showcase...some great players I found including my guy from the Giants Nassib and beast of a runner in Eddie Lacy.

Parallel! You can easily tell the difference. The players name is in blue and the card has a glitter appeal.

Two different years of Metal designs included. The feel and look is the same.

Once again, love this design!


Some 90's insert appeal awesomesauce!

Love this Peyton!

The hits!

I already loved what I got from the box, this Tavon Austin was just a bonus!

Speaking of bonus, I was lucky enough to have this included as well. A 2013 Fleer Retro football autograph bonus pack. Each of these comes with three autographs.

A nice Eric Reid find in here. He will be one of the leagues top five safeties in a few years.

When I heard that Upper Deck was coming out with product like this, I didn't know what to expect. One thing I was pretty sure of was that they weren't going to be like their originals. Cause honestly, nothing is.  Boy, I was wrong. Upper Deck cloned the originals and released them into this time like they never left. Not just any company can do that.

Overall I am blown away by this product. There is so much being offered here that I just want to put a set together of everything. So, to answer my title to this post, yes, this is possibly the best thing since sliced bread. I look forward to see what else Upper Deck does with their Fleer products. Hopefully they will start releasing them individually. I would love to see any of these and especially Ex2000 on the market again.

In closing, sometimes card companies need to not always move forward, sometimes they need to look into the past to find success from then. Upper Deck did just that and I thank them for it.

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