Thursday, September 4, 2014

Not Fishing For His Rookie (because I already have it)

After last nights All-Star MVP performance (2-3 triple, double, 2 RBI including the go ahead drove-in run ) and his possible run at this years AL MVP, I am so glad to have bought my only Mike Trout rookie card earlier this year before the season started. I had a gut feeling this guy was gonna tear it up again and I knew I had to have his rookie card before he did so.

With Trout leading the Angels with his consistent, productive back to back to back seasons it was time that I landed his rookie card before it was too late. This is a player who some consider the "Face Of Baseball" and at age 22, there is so much time for growth on the field and on cardboard that prices could go crazy and unaffordable!

Lucky for me, in the spring before the season started, I bought this 2011 Bowman Draft rookie for $12 BIN which you could now call a steal. With his recent play on the field this year (could be his most productive yet), his Beckett values began to go up. Now you add on last nights MVP performance and upon searching eBay this morning, you couldn't find one of these under $30 unless you were bidding on one. Most of the ones to bid on had multiple days left so who knows what their ceiling may be.

I am glad that I made the decision to pick one up when I did, who knows what the future on cardboard holds for this possible HOFer. If I was you and you don't have one, I would recommend picking one up soon. This guy is the REAL DEAL.

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