Friday, September 5, 2014

With 2014 Topps Chrome Baseball Out, Why Not Bust A 2013 Blaster

With the recent release of 2014 Topps Chrome baseball and the fact that I couldn't find any out where I am, I said, hey, why not bust a 2013 one instead! I found it at a great price as well.

Topps Chrome is my FAVORITE RELEASES year in and year out. I buy it for both baseball and football and have since 1996. Why such a fascination with the product? Well, first off, its chromed cards. I mean, come on, who's going to argue with that statement alone. Secondly, I like shiny things and this product has plenty with its multiple colored refractors. Third, you never have to worry about losing money with this product. Whether it's a blaster or a hobby box, Chrome pretty much guarantees your money back and a lot of fun along the way. You can't say that for many products especially for retail.

The blaster that I opened alone proves all of my points above, so let's take a look at why.

Great rookie finds in dominant pitcher Fernandez, Garcia and Zunino.


Wow!! Pulled a Puig refractor rookie! Oh yeah!

Bonus pack that contains four purple refractors

Loving the die-cut inserts in last years Chrome. This years is even better from what I have seen and heard

Overall, this is what I call a great retail break. I looked forward to opening each pack and this is the kind of product that isn't all about the hits. You find yourself looking at each card and enjoying each one.

Topps Chrome is simple and fun, that's what I like most about it.

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