Thursday, October 16, 2014

2014 Sport Card Collectors Panini Player Of The Day Promo Part 3: NY Giants @ Dallas Cowboys

2014 Panini NFL POD
Click on this image to go to the POD website and check out all that POD has to offer!!!
Welcome! For the third year in the row Sport Card Collectors has been chosen to host the blogger version of Panini's Player Of The Day. For the next month and a half I will be running a variety of contests for you guys to enter thanks to a prize lot from Panini and a bunch of cards I put in myself. Sounds like fun, huh?!

For Part 3 of my Player Of The Day promo (please check out Panini's promo first at your local participating shop!), I will be giving away this sweet autographed Galvin Escobar 2014 Panini Player Of The Day promo card! These cards are randomly inserted into Player Of The Day packs. These packs can only be found at a participating LCS and offer plenty of different cards from jerseys to autographs to cracked ice that you can find within.
To enter this contest:
  1. Must be a U.S. Resident to enter...SORRY!
  2. Pick the Winner Of Sunday's October 19th, 2014 showdown of Giants vs Cowboys Game. Your entries will be due by kickoff at 4:00 pm e.t.
  3. Give me the total score of Sunday's game
  4. Who ever picks the right winner and has the closest total score wins! If there is a tie, a random will be done to decide the winner. Most of the time this will not be needed.
Your entries should look like this:
1. Giants
2. 56

Good Luck to all that enter and I know I might catch some slack for this but....GO GIANTS!

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