Sunday, October 5, 2014

BCW 20-Pocket Tobacco Pages

Do you have an overabundance of modern day or lesser valued tobacco sized cards and don't have a place to store them? Are they taking up desk space? Is your wife finding them in her jewelery box?

Well, BCW has an answer with their 20-Pockett Tobacco Pages!

Each pocket nicely fits a tobacco card. It's not too tight or too loose. The pages are crystal clear showcasing these cards nicely and very durable to protect them inside of a binder. 
So if you want to please the misses or get those stacks off from your desk,I highly recommend these. But, remember, these are best for modern day (like the ones I stuck in) or lower valued ones. Valuable tobacco cards would be fine in these if you stacked your binders nicely, but I would be more likely to recommend storing those in TOPLOADERS so they can have the extra protection and so you can lock them up in a safe. It would be extremely challenging to fit these into a safe and with valuable or rare tobacco cards you just don't want those sitting out just anywhere..

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