Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Well, this MLB contest started in April and now ended in October. On an average week, we got roughly 30 participants. On the final week, that number was narrowed down to three. These were the three best of all of the months and it was no surprise when it came down to the three who won more than once in this contest. The fun part for me was, pitting them against each other to pick the winner of the Dodger/Cardinal series to see who is the champ among champs. Now I know.

In the final week, only two of the participants chose the Cardinals to win eliminating the biggest winner of these monthly contests in Scott N. Congrats again to Scott on his many wins. This left Dennis and
mrblu1976@aol.com. They both didn't choose the number of games right, but one was closer than the other. So it has been my pleasure to host this contest with BCW and now it's my pleasure to announce the BCW-Sport Card Collectors World Series Champion who will be taking home this:

Here is what's in the lot:
1 Box  - http://www.bcwsupplies.com/1-bx-shoe

Great stuff from BCW Supplies! Make sure to tell them thank you. I will be contributing cards as well. I am not certain what they will be yet, but most likely baseball since this is a baseball contest. 
Dennis (Seahawksfan605)

Congrats Dennis! You snuck out a win right at the end by choosing the series to go 5 games when your opponent chose 1 more. You were the closest to the right amount of games breaking the tie breaker. Please email me your address to sportcardcollectors@hotmail.com so we can get those prizes sent out to you. 

A big thanks must go out to BCW Supplies, the hobbies number one card supply/protection company with their high quality products, for their major support of prizes for this contest. You can find them on Twitter and Facebook and please check out their SITE

One last big thanks goes out to all of the participants. You guys rock! Just because you didn't win this contest doesn't mean that contests are over, THERE ARE A TON about to start right now! So get your NFL on with the Player Of The Day contests being announced over the next few days. Nice prizes to be had there as well.

A big congrats again to Dennis!

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