Monday, October 13, 2014

Pros And Cons Of Panini Rewards

Panini Rewards...the future of the no redemption card world.

As with most new things in the hobby, there are some ups and downs, the Panini Rewards program fits that bill. In one of my recent box reviews I pulled my first ever Panini Rewards got and got excited. First off, you don't have to wait for a certain player to sign your card. Secondly, you get to pick what you like! Sounded like a good deal to me!

I didn't get one of the higher end points and yes I could have saved the 150 and combined it with future points, but I wanted to check out this new rewards program to see how it was.

I went to the Panini Rewards SITE to sign up for an account and get my points traded in.

The site ran very smooth as I was able to get my account set up and points ready within minutes. There was the first positive.

However, there wasn't many choices for 150 points and especially when I narrowed the search to just NY Giants who had only seven cards available overall. I know this is the first run with the program so they probably don't have a lot of inventory yet, but they need to get more stocked soon. First negative.

I ended up choosing this card which I found pretty impressive. Second Positive.

If I hadn't gotten the points in the box who knows what I would have gotten especially having been a lower point total. It would have been more than likely a no name rookie auto. Third positive.

However upon requesting the card to be shipped, I found out there was a shipping fee. Second Negative.

Not only was there a shipping fee, but an outrageous one at that. I roughly estimated this card valued at $8-$10 so when I found out my shipping cost was a little over $4...I was a bit furious. That's almost half of what the card is worth. Not to mention I most likely could have gotten this card off from eBay cheaper. Third Negative.

I ended up paying the shipping and had it shipped to me. It arrived in about 5 days.

So, overall, I have three ups and three downs.

The biggest positive to me was not pulling a redemption card and being able to pick a card that I wanted right there and have it be something I collected. Because honestly, most of the time I never pull something I collect. That's for everyone else to do.

The Biggest negative, no surprise here, the shipping costs. Paying over $4 for shipping is nuts. You have already paid $80 for the box, why should you have to pay to have a card shipped to you that should have already been in the box in the first place?! I guess that is one thing redemptions had going for them, Panini didn't charge you to redeem them and ship them to you. Why should this be any different?

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