Friday, October 31, 2014

Review: 2014 Panini Hall Of Fame 75th Year Anniversary

Once again, I really wished Panini had an MLB license. They consistently put out impressive products and this is one of them. Why did I think that about this product, well, you will have to read on!

Each box of 2014 Panini Hall Of Fame 75th Year Anniversary comes with 12 cards. In the 12 cards you will find, 2 Hall Of Fame autographs, four base cards numbered to 75 or less, one Elite Series, one Dominator, one Diamond King, one Crusade, and two other cards. You can get all of this for $140.

The base cards in 75th anniversary come with three unique versions all numbered to 75. On top of that, each base card will have a 5 types of parallels numbered to 50 or less. In this box alone, I pulled some great ones including a Stengel Gold numbered to 5.

The base cards use a dark colored photo making it look throwback against the rainbow foil border. In person, these look really impressive.

The inserts below bring back classic favorites from Donruss such as Diamond Kings, The Elite Series, Elite Dominator and the beautiful Crusade.

Panini brings back the classic Diamond Kings insert set featuring 100 players showcased on Canvas stock. Diamond Kings have their own five levels of parallels numbered to 75 or less. - See more at:
Diamond Kings returns with cards printed on Canvas Cardstock and with 5 different levels of parallels as well, a red one above, numbered to 75 or less.

The Elite Dominator and The Elite Series are much more impressive in hand. They are printed with an cracked ice appeal and really stand out.

Crusades includes 6 different levels of parallel awesomeness numbered to 75 or less including the one per case hit of the die-cut versions of Orange, Green, Gold and Black. Below is an orange that I found in this box.

The autographs in this product are solid. Some impressive Hall Of Famers signed on-card and also with cut signature versions. You can find names from Cal Ripken Jr. to older HOFer's such as Ty Cobb. My box didn't provide them, but I was still happy.

And just like with rest of the product, the autographs also have parallels numbered to 75 or less. I pulled a Winfield blue parallel numbered to 25.

Overall, this product has a lot going for it. A checklist full of Hall Of Famers, some impressive inserts, low numbered cards in every box, tons of parallels, on-card autographs, cut signatures and I didn't even mention that you can pull gemstone cards including diamonds that fall one-per case.

I honestly didn't know what to expect of this product, but I felt pretty happy walking away with what I got. Imagine if this product was MLB licensed. Now that would be even more amazing.

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