Monday, October 27, 2014

What's In The Mail Box? Flair Set Needs, BONUS G-MEN!!

In what was supposed to be just a mail day with a few cards for my Flair set from my buddy Turk on Twitter, turned out to be even more exciting as he sent Giants cards as well that needed a home. I was more than welcoming to them :)

First off, let me show off three more cards to my Flair Football 2014 set that I needed. Three more down, more to go. If you have some Flair and see numbers on the right side of the blog that may help, please let me know! The missing set numbers are officially all updated!

Now onto the bonuses!


I know a lot complained about these parallels, but I am sorry, they are pretty stinking cool to me! Especially when they are Giants!

And though I loved all of the cards that came, I especially LOVED this one. So cool and /50! This may be the best looking parallel ever! I may or may not be saying that because of the Giants team border :)
A big thanks goes out to Turk for this mail day. I hope my mail day to you gets there soon and that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed mine!

Thoughts on my mail day are always encouraged!

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