Monday, November 17, 2014

Hobby Break 'Em: 2013 Topps Magic Football Hobby Box

For the first time, I tried out SCC Trading Cards for a purchase. I usually have always bought my hobby stuff from dacardworld but have had a few issues with them recently so I wanted to give someone else a try.

The prices at SCC are very reasonable and they have free shipping on all orders over $99. The first box I opened from there was a box of 2013 Topps Magic. Yes, I know the rookie class is weak, but how can you go wrong with a hobby box at $38 that gives you three autographs in which one could be a top tiered veteran such as Drew Brees.

In every box of Topps Magic football, you get 24 packs with 8 cards per pack. Most boxes right now are under $40 and will land you three autographs.

Here is what the base cards look like. They have a throwback feel to them and I am not just talking the way the pictures are done. The base cards themselves feel like they are printed on older card stock making for a nostalgic type of product.

Aerial Attack inserts. I think the feel and look of these fit right in with a product like this.

Same goes for the Ground and Pound inserts....

Here is a couple of the '48 Magic which contains a mixture of 25 of the biggest veteran, retired and rookie players on the nostalgic '48 Magic design. I really like these. I just don't really have anyway to store them so I stick them in full size sheet pages.

This is probably one of my favorite inserts that Topps has done in awhile. These are photos taken from the Rookie Premier and Topps framed them to give them a 3D/Shadowbox appeal.

Time for some mini action! You find one of these per pack along with many parallels.
Mini Parallels...

Red!!! These are numbered to 50! Not a shabby player either!

My three autographs. Nothing great, but Stills has some talent.

Overall, not the best break in the world. But, that is my kinda luck. I failed to mention this earlier but any base card that is over 220 in the set is an Sp. I don't know how many I got in this box but that should help add a little bit more value. I believe there are Sp's for the mini's as well.

As always thoughts on my breaks are welcomed!

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