Saturday, November 29, 2014

"O-DELL NO!" What A Mail Day Of Generosity!

I have seen an overabundance of generosity recently in the hobby and I have been fortunate enough to be participating in both the giving and receiving end of it.

This week I was contacted by @batcavelv on Twitter through DM that he had this for me and if he could get it exchanged it would be mine:

I was super stoked! But, at the same time I wanted to clarify if I understood him correctly that I was going to be getting this...for FREE? He said yes. Wow, I was speechless.

So upon further discussions, we discussed just having Panini mail me if they still would allow this card to be redeemed. So I contacted Panini to see if one, it was still possible to exchange this since it says on the redemption only at the National. Two, if they could mail it to me. It was a yes on both ends but they still needed to the redemption card to be mailed in, which wasn't a problem at all.

In an amazing two day turnaround later, Fed Ex arrived with this BOOM:

My week had been made again. First the UDRAK and now this (I also have a couple more SWEET mail days I got too including a HUGE surprise one but haven't had the chance to post those yet). Unbelievable! What an amazing week! Many things to be thankful for in a week all about being thankful.

If you remember, I just gave this same photo away in the Player Of The Day contest Finale in which the winner decided to keep it and not trade it to me. So being able to own the piece I saw go away without having a chance at it, made me smile and miss it less lol. I finally have my FIRST Odell Beckham Jr. NFL autograph!

I must also note, @batcavelv's generosity didn't end there either. He also mailed me a couple of Player Of The Day Beckham Jr. cards, a Victor Cruz insert and Score rookies of Andre Williams and Beckham Jr. Amazing. Thank you so much Tracy for your generosity. It's people like you that make the biggest impact in this hobby and makes me want to continue doing what I do with giveaways. Hope you enjoy the mail day I have put in the mail for you as well.

I would love to know your thoughts on this mail day and what's the most generous thing someone has done for you.

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