Friday, December 12, 2014

What's In The Mail Box? Grady M Mail Day Part 2 of 2: Baseball

In Part 1 of my mail day from Grady, I shared some great football inserts that I got. In part 2, I will be sharing a nice hefty shiny lot of baseball cards.

First I will share the three basketball cards I found.

Can't go wrong with these two players:

LOVED THESE! I think this Crusade design is one of the best insert designs out there. This one happens to be a die-cut version as well.

Now onto some Yankee and insert finds:

Panini's throwback inserts in Donruss. I liked these for the nostalgic appeal:

I hadn't seen these in person til now. These are just like the originals.

Quite the Face 2 Face battle here:

I hadn't seen one of these in person til now. These look tremendous!

Once again, I am a huge fan of Prizm and these are really beautiful. Something you could use to Christmas decorate haha. I just wished it was MLB licensed!

To my surprise and happiness, was the STACK of Topps Chrome and inserts I found. Someone definitely knew I love Chrome.

Topps Shelf inserts:



Orange Refractors:

Purple Refractors:

And a blue #d refractor:

Overall, this was REALLY generous of Grady. I enjoyed the entire mail day and looked forward to pulling out every card from the box with not knowing what I may find next. Thanks again goes out to Grady for his generosity and these cards are headed to the PC.

Another thing to note Grady, you should be watching your mail box too. You just never know when I will surprise you as well!

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