Saturday, March 1, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

In order to add to my NY Giants autograph collection, I really had wanted a Victor Cruz autograph. Why, well, for one, he's  a Giant. Two, who doesn't like his salsa TD dance (except Patriot fans from Super Bowl 46) and three who wouldn't want an autograph of one of the leagues top WR's.  

Well I finally landed one. And it's a beautiful card at that. I am usually one just for action photos but this one with the gold background and the player in the forefront. The color blend is amazing.

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Sport Card Collectors Celebrates 2 Years

Yup, time flies by so fast. Today marks two years of blogging on Sport Card Collectors.  This blog started out as a small experiment and has grown so much over the past two years.  Especially in the past year. Last year, this blog had 68,169 overall views. 695 Twitter Followers and 118 Facebook likes. This year on the other hand, I have 205,240 overall views, 147 Facebook LIKES, and 2,206 Followers on Twitter. Huge strides from last year almost tripling our outreach in the last year.

First off, without a doubt, I would like to say thank you to Panini America, Tracy Hackler and Jason Howarth. I can not tell you guys thanks enough. Without your support ,this blog may not have made it where it is or may not even still be here. I look forward to working more with you in the next year and beyond. I hope I have shown you my full support for everything you do as you have to me. You are truly the best in the business for sports cards and for a great group of guys to discuss the hobby with.

I also need to say thanks to BCW Supplies and Jammin JDcards for staying on board with me as well and for their big support and on this blog through contest contributions, spreading the word and just being great to work with. I also look forward to working with you guys this year and beyond as well.

Secondly, I need to thank you the readers for coming here. Whether it be on a daily basis or you stumble upon the blog once in awhile, your support counts. Without you reading what I put up on here, why blog? Thank you for the support for the past two years and I look forward to hearing from you on here, on the Facebook page, Twitter or through email at If you ever have suggestions or questions, always feel free to contact me.

And last or not least, in the last two years, especially the last year and last couple of months, I have made a few changes to the blog. I guess you can probably say  more than a few. I have done these to help improve it and make it a place you want to come and visit. I try to have you interact with fun things like CAPTION THIS! and Hobby Topic, run contests for you guys to score some sweet cards and supplies, and provide you with box breakdowns, reviews, and cover other topics involving the hobby as well. Also giving you information on what to buy, how to store your collection and much more. I try to keep it well rounded in all sports as well. If there is anything else you would like to see, just let me know. I am always open to adding more.

Once again, I will say it. Thanks for your support and Happy 2 Year Blogoversary to Sport Card Collectors. There will be many more to come!

As always, Happy Collecting!

Friday, February 28, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

With the MLB season soon upon us, I sat down and looked through my rookie folders and asked myself, who am I missing? Then one stuck out....I didn't have the one of the leagues young stars..Mike Trout. 

I then began to eBay research for some true rookie cards. I really wanted the Topps Update rookie, but wasn't willing to shell out the big bucks being asked for it. So instead I looked in Beckett and found he had a Bowman Draft rookie. Most were going reasonably priced. This one, for a little over $9. Great investment I would say. 

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Winners Of Our 2 Year Blogversary Contest

Well, first off, I want to thank Jammin JDcards for their generosity in helping me celebrate such a big accomplishment, which by the way the blogs official birthday is tomorrow.

The entries were not quite as high as with past contests only accumulating less than 20, but the competition was fierce. Most of you chose the Heat to win the game. Some of you chose Carmelo as the high scorer which the high scorer was LeBron. A good portion of you chose around the total points of 200 and because this time I didn't specify to stay under the total score there was a lot to rummage through.

In the end, I found the three winners. Tricia picked LeBron, Heat and was only 1 point off so she is our winner. Our second and third place winners chose LeBron, Heat and were off by 4 points. They were randomed for 2nd and 3rd place spots.

Congrats goes out to:

1st place - 1 free spot in Museum/Triple Threads Football break: Tricia goshorn

2nd place 1 free spot in 2013/14 Gold Standard Basketball break: Joe Behlman

3rd place 1 free spot in 2013 Limited Football Break: fitchjr1

Winners, if you have many options to contact us or Jammin JDcards. If you have Twitter, please contact @JamminJDcards, contact us @sportcardcollec, or through our email if you don't have Twitter at Please claim your prizes today as the breaks are today!

Congrats again to the winners and thanks to all who entered. Make sure you tell Jammin JDcards thanks for the contest and give them a follow on Facebook or Twitter. You can also follow Sport Card Collectors on Twitter, Facebook and through email on this blog. You can also become a member of this blog. That way it might be easier for you to keep an eye out for future contests here on Sport Card Collectors!

BIG NOTE AND APOLOGY... Due to an adding error (checked the score at midnight and thought it said 108-92)  the total points for the game should have been 190 and not 200. Hence the following two people should have won Mrblu1976 should have been in first place and Miami Vice in 2nd along with Joe Behlman at third. But due to my error and the fact some winners have already contacted, I  have to keep the top part the way it is. However, I don't like to make mistakes and will always correct them the best way I can. So to make up for this, I would like to have Miami Vice and Mrblu1976 send me their addresses and I will mail them a random basketball autographed card. I hope this makes up for my mistake. I know we all make them, but I truly don't like to and will admit when I am wrong.

Retro Break 'Em: 1989 Topps Football Pack

Once in awhile it's fun to dig into the past and open up an older pack of cards. Times were simpler than. No fancy-dancy-autograph-low serial numbered-patch piece from a memorable game limited cards to be found in these. Just simply cards. Cards that weren't always about the value. Cards that made you think why you got into the hobby. Not so much from ripping and flipping. But just for collecting and having fun. And enjoying the cards themselves with the photography and even for some of us who are sports buffs, the stats on the back. This NEW SEGMENT called Retro Break 'Em will show you just that.

This time we dive back to 1989 Topps Football thanks to the great people at B and M Sports Cards who provided me with the pack to break open.

Each pack of 1989 Topps Football comes with 29 cards, 1 glossy card and 1 delicious, just kidding, stick of bubble gum. The photography in the 80's can sometimes be funny with the poses they find themselves on cardboard with. A lot of photography back then wasn't so much about the action, it was the players. The cards also have Topps trademark white border around the pictures.

Now onto how I did in this break:

79 cents!! Say What?!! That at most would get you one base card now-a-days

Base cards were a little NY Giants argument from me there.

Cool action packed subets

Glossy 1,000 Yard Club insert. Glad to see Topps brought these back in newer products

Well, this break didn't come jumping out at you, but did provide some fun. And seeing the older photography can be fun as well. Could lead to some Caption This in the future. Did get some NY Giants to add to the PC so that is always a plus.

A thanks goes out again to B and M Sports Cards for providing this break. You can find them on Twitter and on Facebook.

As always, thoughts and comments are encouraged.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

What arrived today in the mail box is so far one of my favorite Randle adds recently. The color, theme, design and layout of the card balances really well. The gold autograph against the black is incredible. Then you add on a prime swatch, which is a patch from some part of the jersey, and you got one sweet addition. I waited up late to land this card. I have always wanted one and now I own it!

As always, your thoughts on this mail day are encouraged!

Review: 2013 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection

One of Upper Deck's popular football brands made a return for 2013 in Ultimate Collection. The product is as elegant as its box. But with a lot of things, its whats inside that matters.

So let's check out what I found:

  • 1 Pack Per Box, 4 Cards Per Pack
  • One Autograph Card Per Box
  • One Memorabilia Card Per Box
  • One Rookie Card numbered to 199 or less Per Box
PRICE: You can find most boxes under $85 


Base Card:
Eddie George # 43/175
Tyler Bray 18/49


Memorabilia (non-autographed):
Tavon Austin Ultimate Jersey 50/50

Autographs/Autograph Memorabilia
Johnny Lattner Ultimate Material Signature Patch Parallel - # 6/10

The design of the overall product is well done to. From the faded gray and player forefront of the base cards to the memorabilia cards with a good size jersey swatch to the absolutely sweet looking Material Signature cards. Just check below to make that judgement for yourself as I am sure you will agree.I can only imagine how much more impressive it would be in NFL form!

There are some great finds in this years edition, including new Ultimate Collection Rookie Signature Book Cards that are on-card die-cut book cards numbered to 265 or less. Also everyone's favorite and on-card signed 1997 Legends autographs which you can find 1:7 packs (boxes). In every other pack (box) you will find a patch card and all memorabilia cards have at least two swatches or one big swatch. As for signature card offerings, you can also find single, dual, triple, and quad versions.

This is my first time ever opening this product so I had no idea of what to expect or what was hidden within. What I did know was that it was high end/high risk type of product with it only having 4 cards and a price tag around $85 per box. I gotta admit I was pretty impressed especially in terms of how well designed it was.

This however is definitely for thrill seekers. Honestly, being a non-thrill seeker I probably wouldn't take another chance on this product. With only 4 cards and 2 hits it may lead to a rough break to get back what you paid for in return. This break was saved by the Lattner but if he wasn't found in it, could have been an ouch. Don't get me wrong, if I was a thrill-seeker, this would be a product I would take a chance on. But I am a person who prefers 12 or more packs per box, 3 or more hits and more cards.

Overall, the product is beautiful and if you are a thrill-seeker and you like to take risks, I say buy here for sure with all that this product has to offer. If you are not one to take a risk, Ultimate Collection isn't for you.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

Two more autographed cards have been added to the Rueben Randle PC via eBay. They arrived just the other day as a lot I picked up at a deal. Momentum is one of my favorite brands so  finding Randle was a must. I wasn't so sure about the Press Pass Sports Town auto til I got it in person. You can't see it in this pic, but it's got a beautiful rainbow shine. Just a really nice card.

As always, thoughts are welcomed!

Hobby Break 'Em

I recently Broke another box of 2013 Score football. I find this type of product a fun break. 500 cards in a box. 50 cards per pack. 10 packs per box. Not to mention you can find most jumbo boxes $60 or less.

I find Digging through one of these jumbo packs is like eating an Oreo cookie. You eat the cookies and enjoy them, but what you really want is what's in the middle, the cream filling. Or in card terms, the shiny stuff, the numbered stuff, the jersey, the autograph, the sweetness.

Now onto how I did in this box. Was quite impressed with this break.

Base card heavy!

At least 5 rookie cards per pack. Great way to collect the 2013 rookie class.

Scorecard and Showcase inserts. Showcase #d to 99

Gold parallel, Showcase Hot Rookie of Mathieu, Gold parallel and Lattimore Purple/99

About 1 Hot Rookie per pack

Red parallel numbered to 49 of Eric Reid

Derrick Johnson Red parallel #d to 30

Nice pull here!

And BOOM! The best pull of the box. Andy Dalton End Zone Parallel #d to 5. 
Overall, very impressed and well worth the money in this particular break.  Many numbered inserts, tons of rookies, 4 hits, and great action shot base cards.  This was a great buy.

As always, comments are welcomed.

Panini Card Of The Week: 2012-2013 Panini Prizm Tyler Zeller Autograph

Brand: Prizm
Card Number:44
Card Type: Rookie Autographed Card

Monday, February 24, 2014


"Are you guys done questioning me yet, my smiley face is starting to hurt"
Product: 1992-1993 Fleer
Card #:56

Let's hear your CAPTION THIS for this card! (keep it clean, no language too!) 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Upper Deck

Today marks an momentous day in the hobby as Upper Deck celebrates 25 years in business. I don't know about you but I have plenty of collecting memories in the past 25 years. Some of which I will share to celebrate this big day and I hope you will do the same.

The first memory that comes to mind is chasing my first Ken Griffey Jr rookie card. I was a huge Griffey Jr fan and collector and no Griffey Jr collection is set til you have one of those. It was a fun search for my father and I as we ran into quite a few at shows, card shops and yard sales. Most were a little too expensive for us which made the search so hard. Finally, we stumbled upon one at a yard sale. My dad fortunately knew the person running it so they gave us a great deal on one knowing how badly we wanted it for $20. My face never lit up as much as it did that day holding onto that piece of cardboard history. I still have it to this day and call it "my precious."

Another memory was at a card show, back when they were held locally, and a box of Spx football 1996. My best friend's uncle Tim, who was a die-hard collector, had been around the show all day picking up packs here and there from the box at the main table of the show. I kept drooling over the beautiful designed cards. The micro etching and hologram blended together like PB&J. I finally talked my dad into buying a couple of packs before Tim bought them all. The price was a little steep at $6.99 a pack for one card but we dug in. I opened the rainbow shine wrappers and pulled an Emmitt Smith base in one pack and a Barry Sanders base in another. I was still pretty excited to hit the best two running backs in the league. Tim saw that I had picked from the box and made his return. I wished I had waited for him to pick again as he opened his pack a group of collectors swarmed around him like he was road kill and they were vultures. I finally pushed my way into the middle and saw what they were hovering over... A stinking Joe Montana Tribute autographed card. My jaw dropped. I was excited for him and disappointed for myself. Still was an amazing sight to see however and I have yet to ever witness anything like that again.

One more memory was in 2012 when I pulled the biggest card I had ever gotten from Upper Deck... An Sp Authentic autograph of Trent Richardson numbered 5/5. 

There are still PLENTY MORE memories I have had collecting Upper Deck. These are only a few. I could probably fill a weeks worth of posts on them but will cut it down to these three for now.

I would however enjoy to hear some of yours! Just comment below with them.

Happy Birthday again Upper Deck and I look forward to seeing how you celebrate  this big moment.

Latest results from the Jammin JDcards Break

In the latest round of Jammin JDcard breaks, they broke once again 2012-2013 Elite Series basketball and 2013 Topps Museum Football and had great success. Just see for yourself below.

2012-2013 Elite Series Basketball

 Iman Shumpert - 101/249
Pau Gasol - 22/99
Jamaal Tinsley - 76/94
Damian Lillard - Elite Glass

 2013 Museum Football

Check out the sweet patches on the bottom card:
Nick Foles - 47/50
Julio Jones - 36/50
Zach Ertz - 19/99
Mike Glennon / Matt Barkley / Ryan Tannehill / Russell Wilson - 47/75
Aaron Dobson - 45/50
Marshawn Lynch - 41/55
Randall Cunningham - 31/69 - Totally Awesome!
Mike Glennon / Matt Barkley / Ryan Tannehill / Russell Wilson - 21/25
If you like what you see here and haven't yet given Jammin JDcards breaks a try, please do. Good prices, great shipping time, top notch customer service and big hits waiting to happen. You can find out what breaks are next right HERE. Good luck if you give them a try and let me know what you hit!

Collecting Basics 1: The Beginning, Choosing A Sport

Welcome to the new series, Collecting Basics. I am hoping to use this series to help NEW collectors or refresh the minds of collectors who may be jumping back in. Because as we all know, this hobby changes on a daily basis. The one thing that doesn't change, is the fun you can have in it.

Starting off this new series I thought I would help point collectors in the right direction with what sport or sports you may want to collect. Like the title states, Collecting Basics is literally starting from the beginning and moving all the way through.

Here are some quick tips from my personal experience on what sport or sports you may want to collect.
  1. First and foremost, make it a sport(s) you connect to. Do you watch it? Do you know the players? Without this important piece, it will be really hard to decide what sport to choose. Watching a sport and knowing it will help you decide what players and teams you may want to dive into.
  2. Do you play the sport(s)? Sometimes playing the sport(s) can drive your passion for collecting one sport or the other.
  3. Knowing licensing for sports might persuade you as well especially if you are looking for just straight up cards from the NFL, MLB, NBA or you like the variety. Topps is exclusive to MLB baseball til 2020. Panini America and Upper Deck have MLBPA licenses. Meaning they can use MLB players in the cards they put out, but can't use logo's or team names on the cards. NBA has Panini as their exclusive license. Upper Deck does basketball but only NCAA or college to some. NFL is Panini America and Topps. Upper Deck does NCAA for this as well. There is also Sage and Press Pass who do football cards but can't use any logo's or team names. The NHL license is run by Panini America and Upper Deck. There are other companies that make hockey cards but can't use the logo's or team names.
  4. If you are going to be a rookie card collector, it's nice to know that the easiest way to know if you have a rookie card are in the sports of NBA, NFL and NHL. The tougher sport to collect rookies in, in my experience, is baseball. Especially if you are a new collector to baseball, the word rookie and prospect may be plastered on some of the cards, however,  they may not be rookies. I will save the baseball card rookie definition for another rainy day.
  5. Another tip may be collecting a sport(s) your friends or family does. That way you guys can trade back and forth with them.
I hope some of these tips will help you decide which sport or sports you want to collect. Remember that this how I decided to collect what I collect. It doesn't mean you have to use these tips in order to collect. They are just here for a reference if you need them.

As always, comments and thoughts are welcomed!

Happy Collecting!