Friday, July 11, 2014

Retail Break 'Em: Baseball Trading Card Box Break Memorabilia Edition (10 pcks, 2 Jersey Cards)

In this edition of Retail Break 'Em, I am breaking a baseball card box thanks to AuthenticSportsCards
(won a contest and this was the prize), that contains 10 assorted packs from different years. It also includes two over-sized stand-up baseball card displays with a swatch of jersey.

The outside of the box:

The ten packs within:

Best of the best base cards:

Rookie Cards, best one of Ian Kennedy:


More inserts including a numbered gold parallel of Miguel Cairo:

Jersey Card #1 great HOFer.....

Second Jersey Card...HOFer soon! Boom! Derek Jeter!!!!
Overall, this was really fun to open. The packs I thought were of a great variety including years from 1989 all the way to 2009 so it covers 20 years. The two jersey cards were of top notch players, though you do have to question the authentic part of these, but they are a pretty cool piece and being a Yankees fan I really was stoked to found the Jeter.

Thanks again to AuthenticSportsCards for the contest and prize. If you are not following them yet on Twitter, please do so! They do contests and hobby discussions.

90's Rip Party: 1995 Classic Pro Line Football Series 2

In this edition of 90's Rip Party, I wanted to go in a different direction. I wanted to do a product that included phone cards. You're like what? Yup, phone cards. Back in 1995, many found sport player prepaid phone cards to be great collectibles so Proline jumped on that and included them one-per-pack with different $ amounts into their 1995 Series 2 football product. Some were extrememly hard to pull including a $1,000 one. I managed to pull a decent one from this box and there is only one way to see which on!

In a box of 1995 Classic Pro Line Football Series 2, you get a serial numbered box to 47,920 and 18 packs with 6 cards per-pack.

The base cards were as clean cut as you can ask for with wide open action shots:

Same goes with the rookies:

The inserts were nice as well. This is a Printers Proof parallel I pulled that fell 1:18 packs or one-per-box:

These are pretty sweet looking in person and this picture doesn't do it justice. Classic NFL Images Preview cards fell 1:18 or one-per-box as well. The card used one of my favorite technologies of dufex.

Here are the one-per-pack phone cards:

More of the tougher ones to pull. $2 is 1:6, $5 is 1:18

and $20 is 1:144

This Printer's Proof Phone Card parallel is 1:75 packs:

The Field General inserts are printed on acetate and fell at a tough 1:60
Overall, some BOOM was in this break! A few tough pulls made this for a fun break. I looked forward to opening every pack to see what surprise was next. Not to mention, I got this box less than $10 so it was quite a bargain for the boom.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Retail Break 'Em: 2014 Bowman Football Rack Pack

I have stated this many times, after a down year of collecting football cards due to the weak 2013 rookie class, I am all over this years exciting class and trying to get rookies early on of many key players. But, I think there will be a few other key players not drafted at the top that will surprise as this is a deep class so collecting anyone early on could be key.

Today's Retail Break 'Em is a 2014 Bowman Rack (Jumbo) pack. Each pack comes with only 16 cards for $5.98 per pack so it's a bit of a gamble. Now onto the break:

Veteran base cards look like this:

Rookies look like this. Can't say I am much of a fan of the design. The non logos on the helmet against the weird time portal background, ugh. I won't ramble on about this right now. I will be saving this topic for another time.

Best rookie of the group:

Cool looking gold rainbow foil parallel pulled at 1:17 packs and it's #'d to 399

The bigger pull, a veteran Gold Parallel #'d to 75 at 1:93 packs. Not to mention, it's Andrew Luck
Overall, not a bad break, not a great one. The rookies I pulled were not great other than Evans but the gold parallels saved this break.

Let me hear your thoughts on this break.

That 90's Sport Card Blog Post Of The Day: 1992-1993 Upper Deck Martin Brodeur (Star Rookies)

1992-1993 Upper Deck hockey week continues! Check out today's card on this link:

Sport Card Collectors Fan PC's

Over a year ago, I was taking submissions to showcase fan PC's on the blog (I had to quit doing so because there were no submissions coming in after 2 of them) so you guys can showcase your goods. Because honestly, who doesn't love to share what they have. Not to mention, it's not that easy to get into Beckett anymore with all of the steps you have to take to be able to have a shot. I, on the other hand, just want to see what you are willing to share. I don't need a huge breakdown, I don't need you to have a HUGE collection to make it, I just want you to submit what you want to.

So here is my easy steps on to how to be featured on Sport Card Collectors blog under the NEW Fan PC Segment:
  1. A few pics of your PC
  2. A small paragraph on why you collect this PC
  3. Roughly how many cards you have in this PC
  4. Your name or a name. It's up to you. Whether you want to use or real name or a Twitter name. Up to you
  5. Email these submissions to with the subject line of Fan PC so I can sort you from the spam.
Your entry should look like this:
In the subject like put FAN PC so I can separate you from spam.
(pictures sent as attachments)
I collect this because....
Jake Allen

I will be posting these once a week unless I get a huge overflow of submissions.

As always, I am trying to find ways to get you guys involved on Sport Card Collectors because like I have always said, #OneHobby.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

Last week I won a baseball Twitter guess the winner and score contest and up for grabs was this pack of 1987 Fleer baseball. I haven't decided if I want to open it yet or not, I thought I would let you guys give me some input on it.I think it looks great packaged but yet the temptation is there to rip. Let me hear why I should or shouldn't rip this.
A big thanks to B And M Cards for the contest and very unique pack. If you haven't followed them yet, please do!

As for this pack, I will update everyone on what I decide to do. As I said though, thoughts appreciated!


Let's put a caption on this 2012 Topps Reed Johnson card:

Here is my caption:
"Playing outfield is for the birds!"

Now it's time for yours! Please keep it clean but fun!

That 90's Sport Card Blog Post Of The Day: That 90's Card: 1992-1993 Upper Deck Peter Forsberg (World Junior Championship)

1992-1993 Upper Deck hockey week continues! Follow the link to see today's offering:

That 90's Mail Day: INSERTS GALORE Sent From A Friend!

I have mentioned this before, but sometimes you just run into great people/collectors on Twitter and Facebook. I have also mentioned this before as well, one of them is a guy named Tim Yount. I have known Tim for a few years now through Facebook and Twitter and have come to know him as a long distance friend. In the last few months we have been sending each other packages of cards that we knew the other would like and not long ago a package arrived with some tremendous stuff in it including 90's inserts!! You all know I am all over that.

However, before showing you the 90's part of the gallery, I also wanted to make note that the other half of Tim's package contained many new NY Giants cards, a Jose Abreu Bowman Prospect card, a Masahiro Tanaka Bowman rookie card and a couple jersey cards. Those cards will be featured as upcoming or previous Cards Of The Week so check them out then!

Now onto this sweet gallery of 90's awesomeness:

Was always a fan of dufex technology as shown in the Mueseum Collection card below:
Some great 90's baseball cards here including two Michael Jordan's!

NBA always had some superb inserts. One of my favorites below is the Hardwood Leader design:

Here are some serious goodies! Really like the UD Predictor of Keyshawn and the Broadway Review of Jim Harbaugh. I have always been a huge fan of Action Packed as well and adding that unique silver foil card of Bledsoe I have never seen before was a great addition to the 90's PC.
Once again, thank you Tim for this mind blowing mail day and comments on this mail day are always appreciated!

Monday, July 7, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

For today's edition of What's In The Mail Box, I wanted to show off the card I received on Saturday from a hockey contest I won from Tracy's Box Breaks on Twitter and here it is:

Always a fan of autographed cards and especially on-card ones though to be honest, I don't mind sticker autos either. To me, an autograph, is an autograph.

Thanks again to Tracy's Box Breaks for the mail day and if you are not following them yet, please do. Great person to discuss the hobby with and more!

That 90's Sport Card Blog Post Of The Day: That 90's Card: 1992-1993 Upper Deck John LeClair

NEW POST on That 90's Sport Card Blog kicking off 1992-1993 Upper Deck hockey week!

Check out todays card here:

Tell your thoughts in comments on  Upper Deck hockey week!

Sport Card Bloggers Unite!

This post is directed towards anyone who has a sports card blog.

First thing, I will direct is towards those of you on my Blogs I Read List, I just wanted to let you guys know that I DO read your blogs and will check in on a every-other-day or sometimes daily basis. I may also comment on something that catches my attention. I hope you are doing the same to this one as well.

Second thing, if I do not have you on my Blogs I Read List, please let me know. I will add you and read yours as well. I really enjoy seeing other collections and opinions on the hobby. Please comment below with your link.

Third thing, if I am not on your Blogs I Read List, please add me and my other blogs. I also run That 90's Sport Card Blog which is a fun blog for those who collected in the 90's and rumor has it I am adding a third one solely dedicated to my collecting. The way I see blogging is that it's not a competition, its about unity through collecting. Let's help each other out!

Thanks for taking a moment out to read this and comments and thoughts are always appreciated!

You Might Be A Card Collector If.......

You Might Be A Card Collector If....... you are shopping for your significant other but won't buy anything that isn't Chrome or Platinum