Saturday, August 16, 2014

Baseball Card Yard Sale Find Part 1:Cool Odds And Ends

Well, this is just the kickoff to what is one of many posts of me breaking down what I got at the Yard Sale that I posted about recently. I thought I would kick it off with the freebies they threw into the stack I bought.  When they said they were unloading their basement, they weren't kidding!

If you don't remember these, they are 1997 Topps Screenplays. Inside of the tin is a motion-moving card when tipped. Watch a favorite play from the player shown on the tin. This one had the card within still of Paul Molitor.

Next up are three EMPTY tins from Donruss Preffered that serve both a purpose of having packs within and as a collectible. I didn't have these guys.

Then came a game from Classic from 1989 containing a Ken Griffey Jr rookie card. Which is a new one for the PC. So now I am up to 407 different ones.

Then finally, we started a discussion about how people used to use cards on their bicycle spikes and how some parents threw their kids cards away. We started to discuss Mickey Mantle and then they told me they had a Mantle cardboard poster that I could have. I thought this was a really sweet piece for man-cave:
I was pretty happy to have bought what I did, but to have these sweet items as freebie bonuses, it made the deal even better.

That 90's Card: 1996 Topps Turf Warriors Steve Young

Friday, August 15, 2014


Let's put a caption on this card:

Here is my caption:

"Many watched in shock as the President stated he had something to reveal to the nation...."

There's my caption, let's hear yours! Keep it clean and no language please!

Surprise Mail Day From The Pack Gambler

Have you ever truly had a "surprise" mail day? You know, one that is completely unexpected. Well, I hadn't up until recently.

I went to the post office like any other day and as I asked for my mail the postal worker told me I had a package. I scratched my head and wondered who it could have come from. I wasn't expecting anything. As the postal worker handed me the package, I read the return address and saw it was my buddy over at The Pack Gambler. I had no clue why he was sending me a package or what would be hiding within, but knowing it came from him, I knew it had to be good and that he had a reason.

I got back to my car and did what most collectors do, rip open their package before heading home. Inside I found this note:

The note alone meant a lot. The cards were just great bonuses:

Another Randle for the PC I didn't have!!

Rookie cards:

GGGGGGGMMMMEEENNN!! And sweet Action Packed ones at that!!

JPP going to have another big season. This one is numbered to 25!!

And this one really got me excited! A sweet Throwback Patch of Brandon Jacobs!!
This was one real sweet surprise. Thanks again The Pack Gambler for the awesome mail day and yes, you did exactly as you thought you would with this package, you got me ready for football season. Go Giants!

That 90's Card: 1993-1994 Fleer NBA Jam Karl Malone

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Give me $7.50.....Basketball Cards SOLD! To The Guy In The Back!

My nephew recently was at an auction where he saw a box of basketball cards and knew that he would have to bid on them for his favorite uncle. In the end, he won the auction for $7.50 and gave the box to me.

Upon him dropping the box off, I was really excited to dig in. I did notice immediately that the box wasn't in the best condition, nor were some of the cards, but there was roughly a few hundred cards for under $8 so what did you expect? This lot still did have a very fun aspect because you just didn't know what you may find. Was it all garbage? Was there hidden treasures? Was there other sports within? You just didn't know. In good or bad condition, this was going to be fun to go through.

I can't say I found some big finds, but I thought I fared pretty well and found a few cards for my PC.

Here they are:

Star players:

Rookie Cards including two Vlade Divac and a Sean Elliot:

Some fun odds and ends. I really liked the Karl Malone Kelloggs College card:

Let's have a Jam Session (oversized cards)!

Die-Cut insert from Jam Session:

Top coaches are always fun to collect:

 A few inserts. You know how I feel about 90's inserts....

I can see all of you now. It's like you're right here with me typing....pretty cool Upper Deck 3D glasses find:

And of course wouldn't be basketball cards without the best player ever! I was really excited to find Jordan, especially ones I didn't have!

This obviously wasn't all of the cards in the box, they are only the ones I kept. The box did have some cards I had to junk and others I will be giving away to kids to help them collect.

So to sum it up, I think it was worth the $7.50 and hopefully my nephew will think of me again the next time he goes to an auction and sees cards.

Upper Deck Card Of The Week: 2013 Fleer Retro Showcase EJ Manuel

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Winner Of August Contest Week 1

Week 1 of the August Contest has come to a close and another person has made it into the Winner's Circle to be eligible to participate in October's Grand Prize contest from BCW. I was a bit disappointed in the Week 1 turnout with ONLY 24 participants. I really hope that number increases to 30+ for Week 2. However, we still have a winner and it was not hard to choose as they were the only one who had Seattle winning and a total of 12 runs. A big congrats goes out to.......supertom!!!

 Supertom, please email me your address at and I will pass it onto the appropriate party when prizes are chosen in two more weeks. Please check back in after Week 3 for the random and prize selection. Not only have you won for this month and got a prize, you have also made it into the glorious Winner's Circle and are not able to participate in October's big contest. Congrats again to you!

Thanks to all those who entered and let's up the ante of entries for Week 2 which is now posted! Good luck to all that enter that one!

Baseball Card Yard Sale Find!

When searching local papers for yard sales this past weekend containing the word "sports cards", I finally came across one, the first this year. It was also a familiar spot.

For those of you who have been a fan of my other blog, Sport Card Collectors,  you might remember a yard sale I went to last summer that had tons of baseball cards.I ran a long 31 post series breaking it down. Well, I guess you can call this the sequel!

Here is what I found this year at the same spot as last year for only $25! I think it was a steal to say the least.

The fun thing about this is I have no idea what may be hiding in these. I didn't go through them at the yard sale, I just kept stacking them up to buy.

So, just like on Sport Card Collectors last year, I will be breaking down each of these box by box. There could be sets, could be inserts, could be more. I have no idea. The fun part is I will be breaking it down on here as I open each box. It will most likely take a few posts to go through.

If you like baseball cards and are intrigued what I may find in here, stay tuned!

August Contest Week 2

With the lack of entries from the switch of rules for the July Contest, I decided to go back to the original format for the final three months. One other change to note is Jammin JDcards will not be participating in this months contest, instead I have put some prizes in the pot. So here you go!

WELCOME! This is the first week of our August Contest. Now, compared to monthly contests in the past, this one is different. Instead of picking different winners daily, earning points, having the top three in points win prizes you only need to do this one entry where there will be one winner at the end of this week. This contest will run for three weeks and there will be a total of three winners. Once you have won for this month, you cannot win again as we want to spread the prize love around. Also, once you have won for the month, you will go into the WINNERS CIRCLE where you will not only be randomed to pick a prize for the month (all three names will be randomed and the person at the top of the list from the random picks their prize then so on), but will get a guaranteed spot in October's Monthly Contest. That is the ONLY way to be able to enter October's Contest. which has three prizes including a GRAND PRIZE from BCW Supplies.

This months prizes in the Prize Pot are:

Prizes from Sport Card Collectors:

6 Card Michael Jordan collection:

2 Autographed Rookie Cards:
And this from BCW Supplies:

Here is where you can buy bonuses of these items:


Now onto how to be entered this week to be in the WINNERS CIRCLE for this months prizes and the WINNERS CIRCLE to be able to participate in October's Monthly Contest.
  1. Pick the winner of: Oakland @ Atlanta
  3. As a tiebreaker, the total amount of STRIKEOUT by both STARTING PITCHERS
  4. Any other tiebreaker will be broken up by a random 
  5. Another tiebreaker, go to THE CARD BIN and leave a comment on ANY POST. Earn an extra entry if it comes down to being a random for doing so. 
  6. Entries are due by Sunday Night August 17th by 8:00 pm e.t.
Your entries should look like this
  1. Oakland
  2. 6
  3. 12
Good luck to everyone who enters. There are only two rules, one you must be a U.S. Resident to enter and you must have good clean fun.

PLEASE remember to not only follow BCW Supplies on Facebook and Twitter, please tell them thank you for their generosity and check out their websites for tons of great stuff!

That 90's Card: 1998 Upper Deck Black Diamond Quad Diamond Kerry Collins

Monday, August 11, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

There are just some people who just make the hobby great, @badbrad1987 is one of them. This guy continues to be a positive influence in the hobby by congratulating others when they win contests, starting hobby discussions and giving stuff away. Last week I even was a recipient of his niceness. I woke up to a tweet asking me for my address for him to send some cards to.

Today, these arrived:

Cool Eli refractor numbered to 499

And a Ryan Nassib auto!!!
Brad had also included a note thanking me for all that I do for the hobby and said because he knew I only had one Nassib auto, he had a double and wanted to pass it along to me.

Well Brad, I welcomed all of these cards to my household. I appreciate your generosity to not only me, but to the hobby as a whole. We need more people like yourself to keep this hobby a positive place to collect. Keep up what you do, because you never know when good "cardma" could come back to you, whether its from others or from a random #SCCGivesBack package.

Jumbo Pack Attack! 2014 Topps Series 1. Nice!

With my recent dry run of not being able to open anything, I had to find a way to rip something. Plug in my mother-in-law who was taking a trip to Walmart and me asking very nicely if she could pick me up any pack of sport cards. A couple of hours later, she brought back this:
I was pretty stoked. I couldn't wait to open something and smell that freshly packed wax again. I gave my mother-in-law a huge thank you and she left leaving me to open the pack of cards immediately. I think she had pretty good luck with this pack with a little simmer of boom. Let me know what you think by reading on.

Let's start with the base cards, here was the key one of them all. Despite it being my third one of this card overall this year, I feel you can never get enough Jeter.

My rookie cards from the pack:

My inserts/parallels:

Gold parallel numbered to 2014:

Then the sprinkle of boom from the pack...Dustin Pedroia Photo Variation:
Overall, I thought this was a great break. The sell to me was pulling the photo variation despite it being a Red Sox player. I have bought my fair share of Topps this year and have yet to pull one of them or a sparkle variation. It's always a greater feeling when you beat the odds and hit something retail.

You Might Be A Card Collector If......

You Might Be A Card Collector If......when hearing that Austin Powers had lost his "mojo", you thought that he lost his best card.


Another post in our new series Hobby Topics. This is not so much a post for us to comment about or give our opinions on, this is your chance to let your voice be heard on a variety of topics in the hobby. We are leaving the floor open to you! So comment away! But please no language and keep your answer clean as we do have a younger following as well.

Today's Topic: 2014 NFL Rookie Class

Who are you collecting and why?

Let's hear your thoughts!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

On Facebook a couple of weeks ago, the Bowman football page gave away three autographs a day for the entire week. To enter, all you had to do was state which NFL team is most likely to be upset in Week 1. I was lucky to have been chosen as one of those winners.

The fun thing about this contest was that they didn't tell you which autograph you would be getting other than the fact it would be a Bowman Football auto. I liked the mystery aspect of it because you just didn't know who would arrive from this deep class.

Well, the mystery didn't last too long as this arrived a day after giving them my address:

Wasn't quite one of the top players in the draft, but you never know about these late round guys. However, with the announcement of Andy Dalton getting signed long term, it really makes you question this guys future unless he is traded. Either way, this will fit nicely into my rookie auto PC.

I must also note that I liked the look of these more than I thought I would. The base rookie cards for Bowman looked so cheesy but with the added chrome finish, refractor look and on-card autograph, this card is pretty stunning in person.

That 90's Mail Day: Another 40 Card Pickup!

Recently, I picked up a 40 card rookie lot and mentioned in the article about going back for more. Well, luckily the previous listers had one more lot up for grabs and once again I stole it for $5.99 and once again it was another great mixed lot.

I know as well as you do, nobody wants to read someone rambling on. I must note first that below is only 34 cards pictured. This time knowing this is a 90's only exclusive blog I took out the newer stuff. The other cards in this lot will be featured on here as cards of the week!

Now it's time to review the goods!

Ahman Green was a beast!

My favorite part of the lot. Ex Jake Plummer rookie card, Tyrone Wheatley Red Siege parallel, Charlie Batch insert..sweet looking stuff!

Tyrone Wheatley Sp rookie card and a pretty photogenic UD Marvin Harrison rookie:

Overall, I was once again really happy with the results from this lot. I would definitely go back and buy more if they ever list more. The cards have decent value, the designs and variety are nice, but the memories is what is most important to me.