Saturday, October 11, 2014

THE KID PHOTOS!! 2014 Sport Card Collectors Panini Player Of The Day Promo Part 2:

Kids. They are the future of this glorious hobby. So this year I wanted to dedicate a part of this years Player Of The Day promotion to them.

This is the place to view all of the creative photos I get for the second part of my Player Of The Day promo! I can't wait to see these pics!

Remember, be creative don't forget that these photos will be voted on by Panini to decide the winners :)

Now onto the pics! I will add them as I get them.

Little Collector (Mark DeBarge)

Packers vs Steelers (Brian J. McCarter)

 Father and Son Collecting Duo! (batcavelv)

 GO PACK GO!(Andy Parkevich)

Forte Fan!( Laina Betts)

Panini Get's A Thumbs Up! (Troy Schweda)

Football Fanatic (Aleah Evans)

Predator Collector (Brad Jorgensen)

The Future (Mrblu1976)

A big thanks goes out to everyone who entered!

MAIN CONTEST: Fans Visit Their Participating 2014 Player Of The Day Shops!

Here are fans of Sport Card Collectors Checking out their local participating Player Of The Day shops! They are not only winning cause they went to their local participating shop to get Panini cards and Player Of The Day packs, but now have a guaranteed prize from Sport Card Collectors as well for doing so!

I must apologize in advance as well, for some odd reason, I fixed all of the pictures to face the right direction but my computer thought they should look the way they are represented. So, I did my best, but the pictures no matter what angle they are, are still awesome because it shows what this promotion means.

Bryan McCarter

the bowl cut kid

 Mrblu1976(even shared hits)

  Card Traders Of Austin

Tracy LeVeaux

 Bill's Sports Collectibles in Denver, CO.

Mike's Stadium Sportcards in Aurora, CO.

(with SCC permission on not doing seflies)

(with SCC permission on not doing seflies but I did ask for a hand to be included to count as a purchase)

Thanks to everyone who does this! The pictures are much appreciate for not only the blog, but for Panini to see as well!

Break And Review Of Collector Crate Football Silver Level Box

It didn't take long for word to spread on the hobby's next big thing and it didn't take me long to look into it. This new and brilliant idea is called CollectorCrate. CollectorCrate is a subscription service offering a surprise mystery box of sports cards delivered to your door every month. There are currently three levels and three sports (NFL,MLB, NBA) to buy from and here they are:

Bronze: $29.99
10 Random Packs (Low-Mid End)
1 Random Game Used Card
1 Random Autographed Card
​​Bonus Items

Silver: $69.99
10 Random Packs (Mid End)
2 Random Game Used Cards
2 Random Autographed Cards
​​Bonus Items
Gold: $99.99
10 Random Packs (Mid-High End)
3 Random Game Used Cards
3 Random Autographed Cards
​​Bonus Items

I think this is a really neat concept so I really wanted to see what the next big thing is all about.

So today, I am breaking a Silver level football CollectorCrate. Tomorrow I will be doing a Gold. I will admit right off that it was really fun to open to see what was inside.

Silver sticker found on the side marking it as a silver level

When you open the box...

The card packs. These are just as important and as much fun as the bubble wrap. Man, do I love that stuff!

Besides the card packs and hits you get in a box, you also get some bonus items.

I got a Foam Finger, Small pro figure, a Dolphins dog tag, and something I found really cool, a table top football piece. Never seen one. That will save me a lot of time on folding paper.

And the final bonus items are a Cowboys small pennant (ugh) and a Seahawks decal

Now onto the bubble wrapped items. Hobby packs! Great stuff and great variety of years as well. These are actually my favorite brands.

Mystery envelopes were in the bubble wrap as well with the random hits inside..let's open these up first!!

The first envelope had two Jersey cards. Love the Strahan. What are the odds that the two jersey cards I pulled are the two teams playing tomorrow?

The second envelope had two autographs. A combination of decent tight ends.

Now onto the pack hits, inserts and rookies.

Bridgewater rookie from Finest

BOOM! Sweet looking card and pull here from Topps Prime!
Now that everything is open, the question is, was this worth the purchase? Quick answer, I think so. The hobby packs alone with my rough estimation and research came to around $45. The NFL items if you have ever been to NFL Shop online, you know even a simple key chain is almost $10. So with that many items, you know there is value there. Then you take into consideration your four hits and I think you have great return for what you pay. That's not even putting in the fact about the bubble wrap again! Like I said, love that stuff.

I think the fact that I pulled a hit in a pack shows also that they don't feel out the packs giving you straight up garbage either. So not only do you have a chance at getting possible big hits from the packs, but I also believe the quality of packs you receive are worth it as well. I mean, who doesn't love Chrome? I must also point out the fact that these are delivered straight to your house so you are not paying gas to go pick up some stuff. These are also great for those of us who don't have a hobby shop nearby but want to open some hobby. Finally, it's a mail day. Who doesn't love a mail day? Especially one that's guaranteed monthly.

In conclusion, I recommend trying out CollectorCrate. You can check out their website and more about them right HERE . I think this really could be the hobbies next big thing and I can't wait to see more from them.

********** HEADS UP********** 
It seems as if Collector Crate no longer exists. Please hesitate at this moment from ordering from them even though their site seems live. They are not responding to customers via email, Twitter, Facebook and by phone. I will keep this post up so you can see what they were once about. If any further details come to light, I will update this post again with new information. As always, I try to keep you informed on what is going on in the hobby.