Thursday, January 1, 2015

Breakin Wax: 1995 Topps Stadium Club Football Series 2, 3 Pack Break

Stadium Club. An amazing product that was a must have on my collecting list every year when it released.

The product always brought border-less action photography with beautiful colorful photos. One of my favorite designs from Stadium Club came in 1995. Thanks to my buddy Michael on Twitter, I was able to relive the product again and open three hobby jumbo packs.

In each pack of 1995 Topps Stadium Club Series 2 jumbo packs were 26 cards with roughly three foil cards. Two of those foil cards being Draft Pix and the other two solely dedicated to the Expansion teams Jacksonville and Carolina.

I pulled some of the best players of the 90's in these packs. I love the photographs that Topps used for the cards.

I also pulled a few for my Giants PC including HOFer Michael Strahan.

I posted this card for the sole purpose of the photograph. Can you imagine one, what in the world is he doing, two, the kind of captions we could come up with this??!! My first thought is why he isn't he turning green?

Expansion foil cards:

Draft Pix foil cards:

And one of my favorite players from that draft, "Slash" Kordell Stewart. That guy was amazing to watch and could play any position on the field.

Then in the third pack was a little boom. You could find Power Surges 1:12, MVP's that fell 1:9 or Ground Attack and my pull of Nightmares at 1:6. The one thing to remember is, these are Hobby jumbo odds. They are much tougher to pull in lesser packs.

But here it is, John Elway Nightmares. I know he caused a few teams some.
The pic doesn't serve this card justice. In person, it has a metallic look to it similar to Fleer Metal.

I was pretty excited about this break overall. The nostalgia, the great looking cards and the insert was enough for this blogger to feel well break-satisfied.

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