Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Was Very Memorable

2014 was probably the most memorable year for me as a blogger. Not only did I give away the most cards I have ever given away with the monthly baseball contests, the #SCCGivesBack promo, my yard sale giveaways to kids and the Player Of The Day Contests, but I also received a lot as well. I feel very blessed to have received what I did. I always felt great about giving away to collectors to help them out and to spread the hobby love and help the hobby survive the best way I can, but it also felt great to feel appreciated for doing so. Here are three of my top mail days of 2014.

I was overly shocked and amazed with my #UDRAK mail day. Upper Deck simply blew me away and almost brought me to tears with this incredible lot. I had never felt so appreciated before and made what I do with my giveaways feel even better.

Once again, thanks Upper Deck and Chris Carlin. You guys made my 2014 really special.

Another person who made my year special was @batcavelv on Twitter. He contacted me about a redemption card he had for an Odell Beckham Jr autograph photo and said if there was a way for me to exchange it in, I could have it. I contacted Panini and they did just that. Within literally two days this arrived.

Once again, thank you @batcavelv for making my year special by getting me my first Odell NFL autograph. It meant a lot to me and will forever exist in my collection with that story connected with it.

And in some sad news this year came the end of The Pack Gambler blog and website. It was an excellent blog and the site had great cards at low prices. A week or so after announcing the end, The Pack Gambler sent me this box full of goodies as a thank you and I was speechless with what I found within.


Thanks again Pack Gambler for making 2014 memorable. You will be missed and I hope you return.

Finally, I have had a Facebook fan who sends me surprise packages once in awhile and they are simply awesome. I try to return the favor when possible but I can no way near compete with what he sends. There has been so many of these mail days that I can't even post them all here so instead I just wanna say thank you to Grady M on my Facebook page for Sport Card Collectors for the mail days.

As you can see, 2014 has been very memorable for me as a blogger. It wasn't just about the mail days either. The blog continues to grow and hit 300,000 hits this year (plus more now and two months til the blogversary. It also has gained roughly 10 followers, over 20 followers on Facebook and 500 or more on Twitter. This is just the beginning. I am hoping with the new changes that all of these things will continue to expand as we can all share our thoughts and love of the hobby together.So thank you to the readers of this blog for making 2014 memorable.

After such a great 2014, I am really looking forward to 2015. I am not sure it can top 2014, but you just never know.

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