Wednesday, January 14, 2015

90's Flashback: 1994 Score Gold Rush Ryne Sandberg

Quick! Go buy some Score 1994! There's a GOLD RUSH!

Yup, in every pack of 1994 Score you can hit gold and in every box of 1994 Score baseball it can be said you will hit a Gold Rush!

Score created a parallel in their 1994 baseball product called Gold Rush. It was a simple insert with just the base card covered in gold foil except the main player on the card. Up in the corner and on the back stated Gold Rush letting you know just in case you missed it, that you hit this parallel.

I pulled this particular Gold Rush card in a recent 1994 Score baseball pack break.


  1. I don't think I purchased this product back in 94. Don't remember getting a Gold Rush

  2. Love the Sandberg. I have a few old boxes in a closet somewhere...I should see if I have any of those!

  3. I remember trying to chase some of this gold down.