Friday, January 23, 2015

90's Flashback: 1998 Topps Action Flats Peyton Manning

In 1998, Topps came out with something a bit different. They were called Action Flats.

In every package of 1998 Topps Action Flats football, came 1 card and 1 Action Flats Figure for $2.99. I was lucky enough to have found the only one I have and of the great Peyton Manning at a gas station back in 1998. Well worth the $2.99 now I would say.

Peyton Manning was one of only two rookies produced on the checklist. The other, the great Ryan Leaf. Alright, I can't even joke about putting the word great and Ryan Leaf together. It's just wrong.

The rest of the checklist of players available is on the back of this package. There are some stars to find from Brett Favre to Jerry Rice to Barry Sanders.
I have always kept my Action Flats sealed due to it being Peyton's rookie year and having his Topps Action Flats rookie card included. I didn't want either item to get damaged. I think part of my hobby OCD didn't want it opened either.

This piece will remain sealed in my PC and serve as a fun thing to look back on in another 20 years. There is no question about that. However, there is a question about Peyton. Will he return next year or will he decide it is finally time to hang them up. Honestly, I think he will come back for one more year. But, time will tell if I am right.

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  1. I had totally forgotten about these! I've still got the Favre one somewhere, need to go dig it up.