Saturday, January 10, 2015

90's Flashback:1993-1994 Stadium Club 1st Day Issue Brian Leetch

90's inserts. Some are bold and colorful, some are as simple as a small stamp. In any form, they are always fun to pull.

Here is one that I pulled from a pack lot at a yard sale I went to three years ago. It not only serves its purpose as a 90's PC item, but as a Rangers one as well.

Stadium Club 1st Issues were not easy pulls back in the day usually falling at a rate of one-per-box. Some of the better players such as Wayne Gretzky hold a premium price even in today's market and are tough to find.

I not only like the card for the two reasons above, but you have also got to appreciate the great crystal-clear photography as well.


  1. Not into hockey, but as a card collector I can always appreciate a clean looking card!