Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Autograph Mail Day From @ThatGuyTaz

Around Christmas time I entered a contest from @ThatGuyTaz on Twitter to win a Stevie Brown autograph card and turned out to be the random winner.

Today, the card arrived and is going to make a nice PC piece.

If you don't know who Stevie Brown is, he is a Safety for the NY Giants. A couple of years ago he had a breakout season with eight interceptions before getting hit with an injury. He has yet to be the same since but played better down the stretch at the end of this season. Hopefully next year he can be a full-time starter again.

Along with the Brown, Taz also threw in bonus card. Being a 90's card freak I absolutely loved this addition:
A John Wallace hard-signed autograph hand numbered 229/400 from 1996 Scoreboard.

I had forgotten about Scoreboard til I saw this card. Guess I will have to dig out a few Scoreboard cards to share on here now in my 90's segment.

A big thanks goes out to @ThatGuyTaz for the giveaway and bonus card and go give him a follow as well.


  1. Love how it matches the one in the top banner! Was just a pure coincidence you won it, I swear!

  2. Nice win! Congrats!