Thursday, January 15, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2013-2014 Sp Authentic Basketball 8 Pack Break

One of the greatest products Upper Deck has ever created is Sp Authentic. I doubt many of you would argue that.

So in my recent Upper Deck break, I went and broke eight packs. I think my results were pretty good. Only one way for you to agree. Read on!

This is usually where I put up a picture of the pack, well, I don't have one this time. I forgot to take it. So, I will still give you a pack breakdown and price but just no picture.

In every pack of 2013-2014 Sp Authentic basketball there are five cards. Each pack will run you about $5.

The base cards stay true to the Sp Authentic design with background in a gray or white color and a player in the forefront. The base card checklist is a mix of Legends, Veterans and Rookies along with Flashback Rookie FX's that fall 1:4 packs.

Back of the card:

Here are the Flashback Rookie F/X's. Landed three good players including the best one to get in Jordan.

I pulled two Canvas Collection cards that fell 1:12 packs. Can't go wrong with these two players either and the fact that I like the design.

I pulled two hits. My first one was a By The Letter Autograph numbered to 60 of Calbert Cheaney. In every box of Sp Authentic you will land three different kinds of autographs including possibly By The Letters.

And the more exciting hit, least to me, a Supreme Court Authentics of Lebron James. These bad boys fall 1:144 with a nice swatch of flooring from when Lebron played in High School.
Overall, could I ask for anything more? I think this was a tremendous break for eight packs landing two hits and five inserts. Not to mention landing the players I did.  I feel like I more than beat the odds here.

Once again, Sp Authentic hits a home run for me.


  1. Some really nice cards, love the Lebron Jersey, Jordon & Magic Johnson.

  2. very nice article i love it please update more articles

  3. That is really nice to get those cards from just 8 packs. Awesome cards

  4. Wow did you ever beat the odds with this break!

  5. Would love to hit an MJ in a pack i was ripping. Letter mans are awesome!! May need to add one of those to the 2015 hobby goals list