Friday, January 30, 2015

Breakin Wax:1999-2000 Bowman's Best Basketball Pack Break

Bowman's Best to me was Chrome's cousin. It had all of the makings of Chrome, but yet still wasn't chrome.

I am sorry about lack of pack picture, but I promise if I find one I will add at a later date. Either way, here is a breakdown of a pack. In each pack of 1999-2000 Bowman's Best is 6 cards. You get roughly 5 vets and 1 rookie per pack. Packs roughly go for about $5 each now. This product is still very popular.

The design as I stated above, was similar to Chrome both in design and feel. There were also refractor parallels to find that look amazing with this design. If you don't believe me or want to see one, go eBay look up one.


Ron..I mean Metta..I mean..well, whoever he is now. This was my rookie card in the pack
Overall, an okay break. I would have liked to had pulled an refractor but you can't always get what you want. That's why the chase is so much fun.


  1. Loved this set...they scan horribly though. The Refractors were serially numbered to 400, and they have an X-Fractor that has a unique pattern to it, which were numbered to 100. (I've posted examples of both on the Database:'s-Best

    Ron Artest is currently known as "Panda Friend". And he wears stuffed Pandas laced into his shoes that he may or may not give to fans after the game. (I heard conflicting reports).

    I don't know how they did it differently that year vs. previous years, but the autographs have not faded, either. I don't have any autographed Chrome cards from 1998-99, but the one I have from 1997-98, and others I've seen, the ink has faded to nothing for the most part. The autos from 1999-00, of which I have 3, are still as fresh and perfect as the day I pulled them when the set was new.

    1. It was extremely hard back in the 90's to preserve an autograph. I really liked the Inscriptions set but when not stored properly, basically away from all light, they fade and fade fast.