Friday, January 16, 2015

Can You Say eBay Steal?

I felt like I robbed the eBay bank after my last purchase on there. You will have to read on for why I felt this way.

As always, I scour eBay looking for the next big deal and stumbled upon a lot consisting of Eli Manning rookie cards and rookie inserts for a starting bid price of $1.99. So I was like, why not. I also told myself I will not bid any higher than this, my new strategy by the way, and if I get it, awesome, if not, oh well.

To my surprise a few hours later, BOOM, sold to me for $1.99! I figured out the rough estimate on the book value and it came to about $60. I knew it was more than what I paid, but didn't expect that much. Nothing feels better than pulling off what seemed impossible!

So enough with me bragging and let's get this photo gallery show on the road!

First up, 2004 Topps Total rookie card

Next 2004 Fleer Tradition rookie card

Followed by 2004 Bazooka rookie card

2004 Ex Sky's The Limit rookie insert

And the big boom, not only BV of $25, but is also numbered to 250 with two star QB's....
I couldn't have asked for a better purchase off from eBay. This may have been the best buy ever for me.

You have now seen my steal and now I have gotta ask, have you ever gotten a big steal off from eBay? What and how much?


  1. Nice cards, even if it's the wrong Manning.

  2. Being a collector of defensive guys, I can sometimes jag a great price on numbered autos. $2 auto cards are always a winner

  3. You are right, you have to really look for them but there are great deals on ebay.