Monday, January 26, 2015

Gotta Get Caught Up....

The title simply states what all of this week is about, I have gotta catch up on here.

This week on here will be loaded with Breakin Wax breakdowns of packs and boxes I have opened in the last few months. It may appear I open stuff everyday, but that is not truly the case, these were open months ago which is why I need to catch up to current times. So this may delay some recent mail days and other posts til next week.

I will get back to the regular scheduled posts next week and be adding in a couple of new segments as well. All of that starts Monday. I am hoping just to stick to one post a day.

In the meantime, enjoy this week full of card ripping galleries! There will be multiple posts a day coming up covering packs and boxes broken from the 90's til now. There is even a 1984 Topps Baseball pack break in there too.

NOTE: While I have your attention for the moment, it's almost been a month since I have redone the blog and have added some new segments (more to come), what do you think?

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