Sunday, January 11, 2015

Harry Carson Signed This

One of the more unique pieces in my NY Giants collection came from eBay. However, I never bought it.

This story begins when I purchased a NY Giants lot off from eBay. It was an excellent lot loaded full of stars, rookies, autographs and jersey cards at a great price. The problem I did have with it was upon receiving the shipment from eBay only half of it arrived.

I contacted the seller who apologized and managed to track down what happened to the other half which they mistakenly sent to another buyer. So not only did they mail out the second half, but to say they were sorry, they mailed a few bonuses including this signed Harry Carson Circle K Super Bowl XXI cardboard ticket.

I thought this was a great gesture by the seller and an awesome piece to my PC.

If you don't know who Harry Carson is, he was a LB that played for the NY Giants from 1976-1988. He was a fierce linebacker in probably the best LB group the Giants have ever had and was also a Super Bowl Champion guessed it, Super Bowl XXI.